Zappos sends Google a challenge in a new #PayWithACupcake campaign.

This Zappos guerrilla marketing campaign is simply cool! It aroused my interest from the moment I read its title: ‘Pay with a cupcake’ that reminded me of the recently made Google’s ‘Pay with a photo’ campaign. It is really a battle between two brands. Who will be the winner?

It all started off when ‘a giant tech company’ Google ran its campaign in Austin, Texas where the brand gave free cupcakes from their food truck to anyone who tried their photo app. It became very popular! People looked happy and satisfied. Everything seemed to be going well, until Zappos, an online store that specializes in clothing and accessories, came to town.

Google “Pay with a photo” (via)
Zappos came to town (via)

They arrived unexpectedly, installed their #PayWithACupcake cardboard box, situated within few steps from Google truck, and started handing out various items such as watches, headphones, sunglasses and so on to all passersby in exchange for a Google cupcakes. All people needed to do was to ‘Insert Cupcake‘ into a slot on the box and ‘Be Happier’ getting better reward. Needless to say, the Zappos campaign worked! Even the cupcake truck person came to receive his prize.

It appeares like a smart move, doesn’t it? Watch out! I wouldn’t reccomend that you should do that trick with your competitors. 😉

Watch this fun video below and share your view. 🙂


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