Would you like to have the Mini Fashion Bar when you’re on vacation?

Pimkie introduces the Mini Fashion Bar as a new shopping concept inside hotel rooms that can be a solution for your fashion needs when you’re travelling.

Most women love travelling. But what clothes to bring? Packing clothes that are needed for vacation sometimes can be difficult and there is always something missing. It’s impossible to predict exactly the weather so far in advance or something unpredictable can happen.

That’s why fashion store Pimkie International with agency Happiness, Brussels have developed a new and interesting solution – the Mini Fashion Bar. It’s just like a hotel mini bar, but applied to clothes.

Pimkie Mini Fashion Bar (via)

The mini fashion bar is completely integrated in the closet of hotel rooms where you can find clothes for any occasions such as a stylish raincoat when it rains, accessories for romantic dinner or comfortable shoes to go for long walks. You can try all the outfit directly in your room and you don’t need to go shopping. That is also a perfect way for an impulse purchase.

Pimkie Mini Fashion Bar (via)

All outfits are carefully selected by fashion stylists and based on the weather, location and events nearby. By scanning the menu’s QR code, you can also connect with the Pimkie online store to see more items in their collection.

In case you can’t find your size just call the fashion concierge at the reception of the hotel. You can take an item from the Mini Fashion Bar and pay when checking out, like a regular hotel minibar.

Currently the Mini Fashion Bar is available only at the Banks Boutique Hotel in Antwerp, the fashion capital of Belgium, but the company is planning to extend it in other fashion cities in Europe.


To my mind, the brand shows a smart and effective way to interact and engage with consumers by offering them an enjoyable experience and anticipates their fashion needs. It’s always amazing when brands offer something really useful, isnt’t it? 😉


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26 thoughts on “Would you like to have the Mini Fashion Bar when you’re on vacation?

  1. This is certainly a novel Idea. I expect it will be a while before its rolled out in a lot of hotels, but I look forward to a time when it is. Thanks for linking up, Tracey xx #abitofeverything

  2. I wouldn’t like this at all. First, I like to shop too much to have the stuff in the closet and secondly, what are the odds that the designer/shopper who was chosen to do the shopping to stock the closet would have taste close to me or most of the guest?

  3. That’s really nice! It’s the first time I’ve heard about a concept such as this. I hope a lot of hotels would do this. Really cool.

  4. Incredibile innovazione nell’esperienza di acquisto e nell’esperienza accomodation! Per altro spesso chi viaggia in hotel di linea medio alta è anche utente che ama lo shopping quindi l’idea è azzeccatissima! Una di quelle idee così semplici e geniali che si pensa ‘perché nessuno ci ha mai pensato prima!’

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