Work off your snack.

Independent Health Foundation with University at Buffalo  introduced a funny Ambient Marketing campaign to encourage students to select healthy snacks from vending machine. If you prefer something unhealthy, work off your snack.

The initiative was launched at UB to convince their students of starting thinking about making healthy choices while having snacks or lunch on campus. To promote this action a vending machine was installed in Knox Lecture Hall and hidden cameras around it were set up.




In the first video students are shocked by this vending machine talking and asking them to do 20 jumping jacks, jog in place putting hands up in the air, do push-ups on the floor in front of it before getting their snack. In the second, students are asked to read ingredients of their snacks and get aware how healthy the food they eat is. In the third, students have to make a promise to eat healthier.

All videos ends up with a special message as a healthy reminder: in the first – “2 minutes to eat. 20 minutes to work off”, in the second – “More syllables=less nutrition”, and in the third – “Looks like junk inside. Feels like junk inside”. This concept makes people be aware of what they eat.

When you buy food and cook at home you it is necessary to know what ingredients this product contain. To help identify healthy food, you can visit the IHF’s website where you can find some useful tips with recipes to make the right choice.

Good nutrition is an important part of a healthy lifestyle. Food rich in vitamins and minerals provides you with energy and helps you stay healthy, active, and strong. If you are on a well-balanced diet, you can reduce a risk of various diseases, such as obesity, diabetes, heart diseases, etc.

So it is nessary to provide people with information on health nutrition at a young age that will help them stay healthy throughout their life.

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18 thoughts on “Work off your snack.

  1. This was quit the entertainment while sitting at work! I feel like this would be reason enough for me to walk away from the machine and eat an apple. I feel like doing that much exercise for a chocolate bar would turn me off of sweets forever… shows how lazy i am i know 😛

  2. one word for these great videos?


    this sounds and looks a great way to get the best out of all in healthy snacks…

  3. LOL! I may never use a vending machine again. Love learning all these advertising tips. I think I prefer the walking movie theater one, I’d hate to have to jumping jacks!!

  4. sicuramente un’ottima iniziativa, direi che non ci sono alternative quando ormai c’è così poca conoscenza e consapevolezza degli ingredienti contenuti

  5. This is hilarious but generally an awesome concept. What they say freshman fifteen is so true! It wouldn’t really shed any pounds doing 20 push ups. but the idea of being more conscious about your choices and making healthy ones at that! Thanks for this share, I loved reading this.

  6. That is such a brilliant idea! I must admit I would be a little startled but it would definitely make me second guess a less healthy choice. I would probably do the jumping jacks though. – Jackie (Organised Mum Life)

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