Whiskas opens the Kitten Kollege.

Whiskas, the cat-food brand owned by Mars, seems to know how to grab our attention. The brand offers a completely new approach in its communication strategy, by creating the “Kitten Kollege” online campaign, in which young feline students can develop their life skills to become tomorrow’s cats.

In particular, Whiskas UK has released a very appealing campaign launched on their Youtube channel that offers a series of 12 entertaining videos set in theKitten Kollege”, the institute of feline education.

The first two videos introduce the “Kitten Kollege” where kittens from all over the world can come to enrich their minds and get a good academic background in such fields like “string theory” (playing with yarn), linguistics (meowing), archeology (fishes skeleton) and literature (“The Prince of Persian” and Franz Katka’s works). What is more, the Kollege also encourages them to nurture their natural curiosity and to “think outside the box, and sometimes inside of it too.”

Whiskas Kitten Kollege (via)
Whiskas Kitten Kollege (via)
Whiskas Kitten Kollege (via)

The next videos show us hilariously funny scenes from the academic life with a lecture hall full of kittens as if were are human students. Professors give them lectures on the importance of healthy nutrition, how to move on to eating a balanced adult food (a cat food), the art of communications (the meow, the purr, the trill), responsabilities (vaccinations etc) and many others.

Whiskas Kitten Kollege (via)
Whiskas Kitten Kollege (via)

Even though, the videos are all about kittens, but we realize that the real message is to educate kitten owners and give them a special course about pets care.

The campaign was released by ad agency AMV BBDO, Google and online comedy site College Humor and will appear on YouTube, Facebook, College Humor, and the Whiskas site.

Let’s your adorable kittens live a long and happy life! 🙂



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34 thoughts on “Whiskas opens the Kitten Kollege.

  1. While am not a cat-person, I support campaigns like this one to promote taking care of one’s pet, cats especially. I like the idea of the Kitten Kollege.

  2. Ahah divertente questo spot, non è male educare e crescere i gattini come se fossero dei bambini. L’idea è geniale senza alcun dubbio.

  3. Quando produci da anni cibo per gatti…. non puoi non sfruttare la popolarità social che hanno i gattini :-D.
    Davvero una buona pensata. semplice, quasi ovvia, ma di certo molto efficace.

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