What if a bus stop turns into a swimming-pool!

Seems unbelievable! Watch the innovative Outdoor Campaign by Hungarian ad agency MyAd Marketing for Budapest Spas and see it for yourself!

Outdoor (OOH) is still one of the best and diverse methods of advertisingOutdoor advertising is a highly visible and attention grabbing form of marketing that works for you 24 hours a day/ 7 days a week and reaches audiences that other media such as TV, radio or newspaper can’t. If you aim to create immediate awareness for your brand, this form of advertising is ideal for your business.

As you might know, Outdoor advertising can take various different forms such as traditional and digital billboards, point of sale displays, transit ads (buses, taxis, trains, subway stations, airports or wrapped vehicles), guerrilla advertising (or ambient media), bus stops ads and so on . These ads are captivating, provide high-impact and high frequency. They offer unlimited crative concept and flexibility. Creativity has no limits!

There are a lot of great Outdoor ads where you can get an inspiration from for your next ad campaign. What has caught my eye this time is an example of bus stop advertising to promote Budapest Spas. Hungarian capital has been considered a Spa City for 80 years due to an abundance of thermal waters and healing spas.

Budapest Spas (via)
Budapest Spas (via)

In fact, one of the busiest bus stops of the Budapest was transformed into a swimming-pool to make passengers get the impression as if they were in water.

To strengthen the feeling a large aquarium filled with real water together with VR glass panels were installed inside a bus stop. So passers-by were able to look into it and feel in a swimming pool. Moreover, one side of the bus stop had cutouts for faces so passers-by could even made photos!

I think it is a great example of thinking outside the box. When advertising and technology meet together, nothing is impossible! 😉

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31 thoughts on “What if a bus stop turns into a swimming-pool!

  1. That is very cool 🙂 You’d think traditional advertising is dead given internet marketing but they can really still make an impact. Just take the simple subway ads that I am forced to stare at while waiting for my train!

  2. Now wouldn’t that be quite the sight wow! I would ditch the bus stop and go swimming lol. I love creativity and it’s so awesome to see them deviate from the normal traditional marketing themes.

  3. What an awesome way to introduce your product to people! I love how they setup the bus stop, it’s definitely convincing and it’s so fun to see! I’m sure a lot of people took notice!

  4. A dir poco geniale! Un’altra campagna outdoor a mio avviso vincente è stata quella di qualche anno fa di una compagnia di treni francesi (se non sbaglio Trenord): delle porte posizionate al centro di piazza di capitali europee. Nessun muro, solo una porta. Il passante la apre e vede oltre la porta degli attori che da un’altra capitale europea lo salutano in tempo reale (grazie a video installzioni in real time). Il payoff era: “l’europa è dietro la porta”. Così bella da far commuovere! Amo il marketing fatto bene!

  5. It’s amazing! I love outdoor campaigns when they are innovative like this one in Budapest. I remember the Trenord campaign, made some years ago: colored doors positioned in the middle of the main Eu cities. People opened the doors and saw other people in other cities of europe. The payoff said: “Europe is just behind your door” or somethig like this.

  6. This is indeed an interesting idea and very creative. This bus stop would be fun to see for sure and I really do believe it is thinking outside the box. Thanks for sharing the awesome bus stop.

  7. That’s a really interesting ad! I agree that outdoor advertising really is one of the best ways to advertise. Especially in a bus stop where so many eyes end up each day!

  8. Yes this is such a brilliant idea! Bus stops are so boring and dull, this would be so good! Most people wait on buses to get to work, so whats a better pick me up that imagining you are in a swimming pool somewhere – fantastic!

  9. I absolutely love this! As a marketer i deal with advertising a lot and it’s always a challenge to create an experience through it (because the idea of the experience is what actually sells). This is brilliant!

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