Welcome on board with the Ownboard magazine.

Look, suppose you were on a plane, sitting, trying to find something to read and you came across your smiling face appeared on the cover of an inflight magazine. Would it grab your attention and encourage you to read this magazine?

When you are on a flight, especially if you travel long distances, you spend time watching movies, guessing crosswords clues, reading books and magazines. As far as inflight magazines are concerned, they are of little interest because they are mainly ordinary and provide us with a content that doesn’t stand out from all the rest.

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According to experts from the TAM Airlines less than 11% of passengeres remember what they read on board and what is even worse the average time of reading inflights magazine is just 3%.

For the TAM Airlines to take care about each passenger is very important. They aim to provide them with a better service. In partnership with the agency FCB Milan they came up with a great solution – “The Ownboard Magazine”, personalized inflight magazine for each passenger.

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I think, this idea is worth noticing.

Being on board passengers were impressed by the surprise made by the airline. They got excited to see themselves on the cover of the inflight magazine that was placed on their seat. Each magazine was completely personalized to each person, including special articles about every single traveller full of photos, facts of their life, events they were keen on.

The Ownboard Magazine (via)

Are you curious to know how they made it?

To celebrate the anniversary of Milan-Sao Paolo route they introduced a social media tool – the Facebook Connect during the online purchase process. In other words, when people booked their tickets they were asked to connect their Facebook account. This allowed the company to get an access to their personal pages to know more details about each passenger such as their likes, interests, their friends, social activity, photos, the places they love in order to create a custom content to make the magazine unique for each passenger.

The Ownboard Magazine (via)
The Ownboard Magazine (via)
The Ownboard Magazine (via)

The Ambient marketing campaign has made a huge success. All passengers took their magazine with them and the time of reading the magazine during the flight increased by 1,200 percent.


As for me, I like the way the campaign was done. The TAM Airlines managed to take the magazine to another level and to create an amazing experience to every passenger to feel them special and valuable. What do you think of it? 🙂

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18 thoughts on “Welcome on board with the Ownboard magazine.

  1. I’m always wary of giving companies access to my information (even though I realize what I tweet and put online is for the most part “fair game”). That being said, I like the idea of targeted content. Anything that would distract me from being nervous on a plane is a welcome relief!

  2. What?! Omg this is seriously one of the best creative campaigns I’ve ever seen. Who doesn’t love personalized stuff. My very own magazine. I’m so travelling with them if I can. WOW.

  3. io che amo leggere le riviste a bordo devo ammettere che è un’idea bellissima… e che sarei stata FELICISSIMA di trovare questa rivista sul mio aereo! Però penso che sia anche un po’ inquietante avere la prova stampata di quanto le nostre informazioni siano praticamente alla mercé di tutte le aziende con le quali ci interfacciamo.
    Ricevere qualcosa gratis è bellissimo… ma è bene ricordare che, nel mercato, quando qualcosa ti viene regalata… tu non sei più il cliente, sei il prodotto. 😉

  4. Ottima idea questa della rivista, anche perché molto spesso i viaggi sono lunghi e noiosi, quindi è importante trovare un buon passatempo. In questo caso la compagnia aerea, ha proprio trovato un eccellente modo per fidelizzare il cliente.

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