“Wear it. Beat it” campaign for British Heart Foundation.

London ad agencies Lowe Open and DLKW Lowe launched an integrated marketing campaign to promote a charity initiative in support of a fight against coronary heart disease and give awareness to a problem.

This campaign will be held to coinside with Heart Month in February. Also an event will be arranged on 6th February at Pocklington Arts Centre, UK.

Every year people suffer heart deseases, there are many children as well. To help them to combat this illness and reduce a risk British Heart Foundation (BHF) funds research, education and care programms, aims to prevent heart diseases. This charity organization also makes communication campaigns to increase a visibility and give a deep understanding to the problem.

It’s not surprising that engaging people with any form of advertising is not easy, but if your goal is not only to increase sales but also care about people’s life it could have a positive effect.


This year BHF in collaboration with Lowe agencies developed Wear it. Beat it” integrated campaign that includes TVC. This shows small children with heart deseases attempting to say the name of their specific diagnosis. The ad is accompanied by a claim “It’s hard to say, but even harder to live with” . This spot has been on air since 31 December 2014. The campaign also includes online, events and out of home (OOH) advertising.

This campaign is aiming to encourage people to participate in fundraising event that will be held on 6th Fabruary at Pocklington Arts Centre to help raise funds for life saving heart research. It also engages people to make a support by wearing red and make a donation. If you are not able come but you want to support the campaign you can organize an event on 6th February everywhere: in your workplace, school or with friends and family.

To host an event there are many ideas described on their web site: starting from a quiz with red questions, red team names, red team accessories and ending with movie night with red snacks, red drinks. To join, you need to sign up, after that you will be posted or emailed a Fundraising Kit full of red-themed ideas and inspirations.

In my opinion it is a great idea to launch this charity campaign and it is a great opportunity for everyone to help people to combat a heart desease, isn’t it?

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  1. I thin it’s a great idea! So many people think heart issues only effect older people, but my little brother wasn’t suppose t live to see his 5th birthday due to heart issues. Fast forward he’s now 18 years old and healthy.

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