Volvorii – shoes 2.0.

Volvorii, or as it is called Volvorii Smart Shoe, is Hi-Tech shoe for women that might succeed in fashion industry in the nearest future.

Volvorii Smart Shoe (via)

Shoes, shoes and more shoes! Women can’t resist buying a new pair. They always need a new one to match any kind of outfit.

So Lithuanian –based startup iShuu Technologiesproposed a new concept of innovative hi-tech shoes to bring the idea to market.

The Volvorii smart shoe is a high-heeled leather elegant shoe which has a Bluetooth, a small battery with wireless charging and e-ink display that can allow to choose a desired pattern and change colours. And could you imagine that all this stuff is inside a sole?

Volvorii Smart Shoe (via)

Currently, the shoe’s display appears in black, white and grey e-ink, but future models might hold color e-paper screens and it will be possible to match a variety of different outfits. It is done via app on a smartphone.

The Volvorii smart shoe has been developed for LVMH Young Fashion Designer Prize. A prototype was first tested by agency Dragon Innovation, based in Boston to realise if that concept works and shoes are wearable. After approval it was decided to introduce them to real market. The availability of the shoes is scheduled for December 2015.


To release this idea the company is currently looking for financial support of $ 50,000 through crowdfunding. The starting price is 149 US dollars, then it can be increased up to $ 249.

How about you? Would you like to have hi-tech shoes? 😉

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11 thoughts on “Volvorii – shoes 2.0.

  1. That’s so cool! I probably wouldn’t get it because of the leather bit and being a vegetarian, but the idea that you could have one good shoe and adapt it to match different outfits is a great idea. Save money and space with just one shoe!

  2. This is quite the concept! It would definitely pare down on the amount of shoes in one closet for sure, but I’m not sure I would go for it! It’s so cool to see what people come up with though!

  3. ma quindi sono scarpe che cambiano colore fantasia con una app? mmm, interessante! potrebbe risolvere diversi problemi di abbinamento e anche di portafoglio (anche se non credo che i primi acquirenti spenderanno poco 🙂 )

  4. Guarda da appassionata di scarpe incallita, direi che è davvero una genialata l’idea delle scarpe Hi Tech. Sicuramente, molta gente farà le code davanti ai negozi per comprarle, proprio come fanno oggi con i nuovi modelli di IPhone 😀

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