Trick or treat! Welcome in Tesco “Spookermarket.”

Tesco, the UK’s biggest supermarket chain, has launched the Halloween-themed campaign to entertain consumers and to keep their interest.

Halloween is considered to be a scary holiday of the year. It’s not just a time you can see people with pumpkin latterns, holding costume parties, dressing up as witches and ghosts, watching scary movies or telling ghost stories and going trick-or-treating. But it’s also a time for pranks to play on your friends and family. And when it comes to Halloween, companies want to align themselves with the holiday so that they could create entertaining and engaging content for their consumers.

So the agency BBH London has released an online video entitled “Introducing Spookermarket” for Tesco in which Tesco staff play Halloween pranks on consumers while doing the shopping in the supermarket.

The video was shot by hidden cameras to see people’s reactions. For example, shoppers have been terrified of butchers with scary Joker faces and a ghostly-painted severed woman’s head hidden behind the piles of toilet paper. Moreover, one man in the store jumps with fear when he sees shopping trolley moving on their own.


In addition, BBH has created 5 tutorials with a tag “Every Little Helps” on how to make spooks at home such as “creepy clown face”, “horrible head-in-a-jar” and many others to get you in the mood for Halloween. 😉


I wish you to have a memorable Halloween filled with loads of adventures, surprises and fun! 🎃👻

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13 thoughts on “Trick or treat! Welcome in Tesco “Spookermarket.”

  1. Bwwwwahahaahahaha! Sooo funny
    I love love love EVERYthing about Halloween, sucks that I couldnt experience it as a kid. But i’m trying to make up for it now.
    Ooooh such an awesome and creative campaign. LMAO i can just imagine my mum’s reaction while shoppin hahaha

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