Top 5 Christmas ads 2017.

The holidays are upon us and it’s time to start my Top 5 Christmas ads 2017 countdown to recapture the magic of Christmas and help you feel more festive. Check them out and let me know which of them you are passionate about! So ready, steady, go!

I’m driving home for Christmas
Oh, I can’t wait to see those faces
I’m driving home for Christmas, yeah
Well I’m moving down that line

And it’s been so long
But I will be there
I sing this song
To pass the time away
Driving in my car
Driving home for Christmas

Chris Rea,
a British rock and blues singer-songwriter and guitarist

Top 5 Christmas ads 2017
Top 5 Christmas ads 2017

1. In Amazon‘s ‘Give‘ Christmas ad by Lucky Generals U.K singing cardboard boxes send a smile to everyone!


2. Sherlock star Martin Freeman was involved in ‘A Christmas love story‘ with a mysterious woman he met at the train station in a new series of short films for Vodafone created by Ogilvy&Mather London.

3. Titled ‘Sway,’ the Apple new holiday ad released by TBWA Chiat Day U.S features a snowy, romantic, dance-centric music video set to Sam Smith’s ‘Palace’ aiming at making you fall in love with the iPhone X and AirPods!


4. Watch how Yellow saved Christmas and brought people together in the ‘Faint 2: A Very Yellow Sequel’ M&M’s commercial from BBDO New York and CLM BBDO Paris, which is a sequel to its iconic ‘Faint’ holiday spot aired 21 years ago! I can’t believe we waited so long but it’s worth the wait!

5. HP encourage you to use your imagination and creativity to make someone’s day happier this holiday season in their Christmas ‘Reinvent Giving‘ ad done by BBDO San Francisco. And with the HP Spectre x360 you can add a touch of maigic to your magnificent creations!

Happy Holidays!

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42 thoughts on “Top 5 Christmas ads 2017.

  1. La due è divertente, ma la pubblicità numero 3 mi incanta sempre: per l’atmosfera suggestiva, per il fascino della complicità di un incontro, per il talento dei danzatori….chissà perché fin dal primo momento mi ha fatto venire in mente Bologna…:))

  2. quello della Apple è bellissimo! mi ha conquistata da subito la storia di due persone che si incontrano e si perdono l’uno nello sguardo dell’altra. Meraviglioso!
    Molto carino anche quello della Xmas love story. poco retorico e divertente!
    PS: mi sono mancati i tuoi articoli!

    1. In realtà i protagonisti dello spot sono marito e moglie nella vita reale! 🙂 Quest’anno le campagne sono più romantiche! P.S. Grazie per il commento e le parole meravigliose! Ci tengo molto! Buon Natale!

  3. Ive only seen the Apple commercial on Youtube and really enjoyed the visuals. But have yet to see the rest of them. I’m so intrigued about the Martin Freeman one as I really love his work.

  4. I can never decide if ads for the Super Bowl or those during the holidays are more creative. I’ve smiled through them all and while the Sway by Apple was romantic and clever, the cute and funny M&M’s stole my heart. I wish for you and your family a very Merry Christmas. x

  5. These are so cute! I did a Christmas chart on Shorthand Social last year with favorite decoration, favorite Christmas song, show episode etc. I never thought about Christmas ads! You’ve inspired me for next time, thanx.

  6. They are lovely !! I liked the Faint 2: A Very Yellow Sequel’ M&M’s, Hp and Amazon ads. and haven’t see remaining ad, I will surely watch all of them mentioned here in the post.

  7. Holiday ads are either really crap or really great. I think some advertisers usually know how to capture your heart and send the message home, like these ones.

  8. this was such a fun post to read / watch! Got me right in the Christmas spirit – since I do not have a TV it’s nice to be able to catch up on all these ads. Thank you for sharing!

  9. I dont watch TV anymore so I am not really up to date when it comes to adds. But I remember that I used to love a good and witty Christmas add. Thanks for sharing!

  10. I personally loved M&M commercial , it was beautiful how yellow saved Christmas. Even the Amazon ad was great to watch for. Need to see the remaining ones though.

  11. Probably because of the season rush I almost did not notice most of these ads, but thanks to you I pause and realize I am missing something somewhere. For me, M&M’s always post the cutest ads, I just like those peanuts and chocolate guys.

  12. Thanks for the interesting post. Christmas is the season for commercials. It won’t be long before Christmas ads begin running before St. Patrick’s Day. lol

  13. The romantic in me loves the Vodafone ‘A Christmas love story’ series. It’s so funny how his family does exactly the same as mine whenever there is any prospect of a love interest on the horizon 😀

  14. I still can’t believe the old M&M spot occurred 21 years ago. Seems like it’s impossible it was that long ago. Very cute. My favorite ones were the Martin Freeman ones. Not only is he in Sherlock but he’s in one of my favorite Christmas movies, Love Actually.

  15. thank you,In fact, everyone enjoys Christmas holidays.
    For me, I liked the fourth ads Faint 2: A Very Yellow Sequel’ M&M’s

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