The revival of Honda illustrations

To celebrate its 65th anniversary Honda has released an amazing 2-minute ad commercial that was done with paper and hands. It’s really worth watching!

It doesn’t seem just a simple ad! Honda doesn’t promote its newest model revealing its benefits or tells about its latest innovation. But on the contrary the commercial invites you to the journey of the evolution of their vehicles through 6 decades from the developing its first engine for bicycles, then progressed to motorsycles, automobiles, F1 racing cars, robotics and jets to its latest developement – Honda Pilot 2016.

What really caught my eye is a stunning idea that crossed Honda creative team minds to realise this remarkable ad.

Everything in the commercial has been created by hand. Engenieers together with advertisers from the agency RPA placed more than 3,000 colour illustrations in front of the camera that were stitched together and shot by PES, a stop-motion genius and Academy Award-nominated. He managed to convert the hand-drawn illustrations into incredible 3D world space.



As you probably know, innovation, engineering, fresh thinking and passion drive Honda’s success through the years and this latest ad proves it very well.

The ad ends with the tagline “You never know where a dream will lead you” giving us the idea of Honda’s constant innovation into the future.

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27 thoughts on “The revival of Honda illustrations

  1. I love Honda! My first car is a honda civic LX 09 gray sedan. That car brought me to places I’ve never seen before! Also, I think what drives Honda’s success is their affordable and durable cars, don’t you think?

    I like your blog!!!

  2. This is incredible! I love when companies invest time in their commercials to make them more personal and give them substance. This is a great marketing/advertising campaign by Honda.

  3. That’s really amazing. I love stop motion animation ads. It makes the whole thing more entertaining. This is actually brilliant and I love the evolution from bikes to cars.

  4. Very cool ad. I love how creative people can be. I wish everyone made that sort of effort with ads, then it wouldn’t be such a chore to watch them on tv.

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