The interactive billboard that can turn your day into joy.

You will hardly be able to find a billboard that recognises your mimic facial expressions. It can wink and smile with you.

Coca-Cola knows how to amaze people and bring a smile to their faces. It has always tried to offer not just a simple soft drink, but something more, like a joy or a smile to everyone.

It is incredibly valuable to have an emotional connection between consumers and brand especially in terms of building word-of-mouth marketing. It leads to brand loyalty and brand love rather than product sales.

To make people’s day enjoyable the global beverage giant Coca-Cola introduced the Coke-moji Happiness interactive billboard in the Hötorget Subway in Stockholm, Sweden.


The Coke-moji Happiness Experiment
The Coke-moji Happiness Experiment

We are used to expressing our emotions on digital devices and social network by using emojis (or emoticons), but Coca-Cola went further. It brought them into our real world.

Using a facial recognition technology and emojis the billboard can recognise a facial expression of a passer-by and shows his emotions on the screen.

To sum up, I think the brand wants to help people improve their mood and encourage them to live with a smile as Coca-Cola tagline “Choose Happiness” says. Do you share my view?



8 thoughts on “The interactive billboard that can turn your day into joy.

  1. I heard that if you just smile, a fake smile even, it automatically makes you happy. I’ve tried it and it’s true. I worked serving people that are going through a hard time. And I realized sometimes it’s better to sympathise with them, then to force them to smile. So I guess I agree but there are exeptions. This article made me think 🙂

  2. Coca cola is so awesome!! This would be hilarious, especially for kids and babies. It would be great to teach babies facial expressions and toddlers would find it a hoot! You guys get all the best billboards in Europe!!

    1. I can’t agree more than that! I am sure kids would love it! Thank you, but there are plenty memorable and amazing billboards ads in Canada too! Just remember McDonald’s digital billboard for McCafé beverages! 😉 Thanks for commenting!

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