The future has finally arrived!

Just think, 30 years has passed but we still remember “Back to the future” movie! As we know, this memorable date is October 21, 2015– that day Marty McFly and Doc Brown travelled to the future in “Back to the Future Part II”.

So, to celebrate “Back to the Future Day” Toyota has released a five–minute commercial and has reunited Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd, the main characters of the movie trilogy.

The commercial called “Fueled by the Future” starts with a narration: “I’m a huge ‘Back to the Future‘ fan, especially all that crazy technology. That’s why I got into science and ended up getting my master’s in aero-mechanical engineering” – showing us a scene from the movie and then a man appears sitting on a sofa watching it on TV.

Back to the future (via)

We recognized Mischa Pollack, a scientist who meets up in the diner with Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd, two of his heroes, in the next scene of the commercial to show them how he could turn their trash into a fuel for a car, just like the Mr. Fusion model generator from the DeLorean in the movie.

After that Mischa returns to his Toyota pickup truck and travels throughout memorable places in the movie such as McFly’s home, Whittier Union High (Hill Valley High) and Courthouse Square collecting garbage to turn it into a fuel.

Toyota (via)
Whittier Union High (via)

I got into my thoughts that in the movie the main character receives Toyota pickup truck as a gift from his parents. But now in the commercial we can see the modern version of Marty’s truck, a fuel-cell sedan powered by hydrogen (remember DeLorean powered by a lightning bolt? ). This truck titled Toyota “Mirai” (means “future” in Japanese) has been presented by Pallock to Fox and Lloyd in the final scene. Doc and Marty get impressed by seeing a new vehicle and they ask Mischa for a test drive!

Toyota Mirai (via)
Toyota Mirai (via)

Another interesting scene that caught my eye is when Fox an Lloyd are eating dinner and discussing which of the movie’s 2015 predictions have come true such as 3D printing, 3D movies and fingerprint technology. The funny element is when Lloyd admits to still using a fax machine! What is more, Fox says he is still really looking forward sneakers that lace themselves up!

I would also like to mention that Toyota commercial is accompanied by background music from the movie that made me quite nostalgic. Let’s watch and enjoy! 🙂


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16 thoughts on “The future has finally arrived!

  1. I have watched all of these films and although they are rather old now my children have also watched them and surprising enjoyed them. I think the fact that we could possibly travel in time appeals to them as does it all of us. I am sure there are many memories we would love to recreate.

    I can’t believe its been 30 years – just wow.

    But what a great way to support the films. And sneakers or trainers as we call them here in the UK would be great if they had laces that tied themselves as my 5-year-old is really struggling to learn how to tie his.

  2. Okay so I watched all of the video, if we could really do that with all the trash and empty landfills to create energy, we would be doing great things for this world!

  3. I so love this, I’ve seen it lots of time already. And Back to the Future will always be on my list of favorite movies! Thanks for sharing the ad!

  4. I loved Back To The Future. All three of them. That truck was sick. Sleek, even back then, easily repairable, fast and powerful. We have some things that were predicted in the movie but we got a ways to go. I also enjoy the music of Huey P Lewis. He was a talented dude and I still enjoy his music from time to time.

  5. i think i might have to watch this later. haven’t seen this movie before sounds really cool just reading the title

  6. How funny is that?! The movie goes to the future and it’s now the “future”. I loved that movie and think it was super smart of Toyota to play off the movie for their advertising!

  7. Unfortunately, I am not a fan of Back in the Future movie 😛 but I LOVE the Toyota. It is still a fun commercial to watch. I am sure many fans can relate while watching this cool and fun video.

  8. I don’ think any of my kids have seen it, and I haven’t seen it in so many years I couldn’t even tell you what happens. I think it’s time for us to watch!

  9. I was just thinking that if I wanted a reliable car, I’d get a Toyota.

    I really need to watch all the movies of this show.

    My kids have already seen one or two.

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