The funnest way for kids to apply sunscreen!

The skincare brand Nivea has recently come up with a genius idea to protect children from the sun’s harmful UV rays by creating the SunSlide – an entertaining way to apply sunblock!

With summer in full swing we spend a lot of time outside enjoying good weather and the sunshine, going to the beach and lounging by the pool. However, it is important to be aware how to enjoy sunshine safely and remember that too much exposure to sunlight is harmful as it can cause sunburn, skin and eye damage, and lead to skin cancer in later life.

Research shows that kids are the most vulnerable as they have more delicate and sensitive skin than adults, so their risk of getting sunburnt is much higher. Parents need to be more concerned about their kids health and apply sun protection on their skin regularly. As we all know, getting kids to wear sunscreen is easier said than done. As soon as they arrive at the beach and see the water the last thing they want to do is wait for their sunscreen to be applied.


Nivea: SunSlide (via)
Nivea: SunSlide (via)

That’s why Nivea with agency FCB Cape Town have created the SunSlidea water slide that sprays SPF 50 + waterproof sunscreen on the kids as they go down it. According to Nivea, one slide is all it takes to cover over 100 kids per hour!

Moreover, Nivea took good care of the kids. They were given goggles to prevent the sunscreen from spreading into their eyes.

The SunSlide was launched on Camps Bay, South Africa’s most popular beach because, according to the Skin Cancer Foundation, South Africa has the world’s highest rate of skin cancer.

I think it is a great initiative to help combat with skin cancer, isn’t it? 😉


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38 thoughts on “The funnest way for kids to apply sunscreen!

  1. Lol that is so cool. I would definitely jump on that slide if I had a chance. I’d be the oldest one having fun. Great video. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Such an important reminder! We usually apply it regularly bjt today we got stuck ot in the sun today with no sunscreen and the little ones have caught it a little!!

  3. That’s so awesome! It’s definitely one of the best ways to apply sunblock on kids because they tend to be whiny and irritable. I’m sure the moms in that beach were very pleased that day, lol.

  4. That is such a good idea! Even as an adult I manage to miss bits when applying suncream so this is perfect. We (adults) can use it too right?

  5. This SunSlide is indeed a great idea to apply the sunscreen to the kids when sliding down it. It is so important for everyone to use sunscreen to help prevent skin cancer. Thanks for sharing this fun way to apply sunscreen to the kids.

  6. Kids skin has to be protect it is very important and everytime I go to the beach I see lots of parents who are not taking this matter seriously !!! Nivea is a good brand, unfortunately I can use it myself because of allergies !

  7. Nivea is such a wonderful brand & their products are of great quality & standard anytime. It is great idea to protect children from UV rays by creating the SunSlide & I love that one slide could cover up to 100 kids which is amazing.

  8. Davvero geniale! utilissima idea per genitori con figli piccoli… ma sinceramente anche io una scivolata me la farei perché a volte sono pigra e la pelle ha bisogno di protezione anche da adulti! Nivea ha avuto un’ottima idea

  9. This is such a brilliant idea! I know that kids usually hate sun screen, because it’s oily, it smells funny and it prevents them to go play straight away. A slide is a brilliant idea to get them want to put on sun screen just to ride it 🙂

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