The Born Free’s new ad campaign on to protect wild animals.

The Born Free, a British international wildlife non-profit organization, launched a new outdoor campaign that shows how important it is for wild animals to live in their natural habitat.

The campaign shows three digital outdoor ads:

– “There’s no point in saving the last Lion on Earth”,

– “There’s no point in saving the last Elephant on Earth” and

– “There’s no point in saving the last Rhino on Earth”




The main concept of each ad is to draw people’s attention to the problem of species becoming extinct.

At the end of this ad you can see a message “Help them while you still can”. It’s essential that everyone should care and protect wild animals from the disappearance until it is too late. Every animal counts. These ads were created in collaboration with ad agency WCRS and will be placed across key London locations.

The goal of this ad campaign is to change public attitudes, inform and educate people to respect the wild. Many species are endangered and their natural habitat is disappearing. People have to protect rare species from extinction, keeping them in freedom without exploitation of wild animals for entertainment and making profit.

Advertising through Digital billboards is an effective and powerful way to catch people’s attention and reach a large audience. It helps to create public interest and increase awareness to the initiative.

So good luck. 🙂

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25 thoughts on “The Born Free’s new ad campaign on to protect wild animals.

  1. This ad is what we all need to see especially the people who are unaware of what’s currently happening to nature. I think it’s important that they spread these ads across the world. So emotionally touching and true.

  2. Mi Piace questa campagna perchè rispecchia ed esprime un concetto pensato da molto ambientalisti. Molte azioni a tutela dell’ambiente sono sempr tardivi e inutili. La sensibilizzazione deve mostrare il problema a monte.

  3. Aw so sad. Thanks for sharing for sure. We should do everything we can to make sure different species do not become extinct!


  4. Thank you for this post. I really dislike the pictures that I have seen going around on Facebook of hunters with their kills. It really kills me – especially as they are becoming more and more endangered. These animals are beautiful and we need to look after them! xo

  5. Thank you so much for these powerful campaigns! I saw a lot of similar campaigns on national geographics. Hopefully people will learn and stop killing them

  6. Wonderful campaign! It is our responsibility to protect the wild animals. It’s great to use the media to share with as many people as can, and also this is the best way of using the media for a good cause. Good job!

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