Work off your snack.

Independent Health Foundation with University at Buffalo  introduced a funny Ambient Marketing campaign to encourage students to select healthy snacks from vending machine. If you prefer something unhealthy, work off your snack.

The initiative was launched at UB to convince their students of starting thinking about making healthy choices while having snacks or lunch on campus. To promote this action a vending machine was installed in Knox Lecture Hall and hidden cameras around it were set up.




In the first video students are shocked by this vending machine talking and asking them to do 20 jumping jacks, jog in place putting hands up in the air, do push-ups on the floor in front of it before getting their snack. In the second, students are asked to read ingredients of their snacks and get aware how healthy the food they eat is. In the third, students have to make a promise to eat healthier.

All videos ends up with a special message as a healthy reminder: in the first – “2 minutes to eat. 20 minutes to work off”, in the second – “More syllables=less nutrition”, and in the third – “Looks like junk inside. Feels like junk inside”. This concept makes people be aware of what they eat.

When you buy food and cook at home you it is necessary to know what ingredients this product contain. To help identify healthy food, you can visit the IHF’s website where you can find some useful tips with recipes to make the right choice.

Good nutrition is an important part of a healthy lifestyle. Food rich in vitamins and minerals provides you with energy and helps you stay healthy, active, and strong. If you are on a well-balanced diet, you can reduce a risk of various diseases, such as obesity, diabetes, heart diseases, etc.

So it is nessary to provide people with information on health nutrition at a young age that will help them stay healthy throughout their life.

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SNKRS, a new shopping experience by Nike.

Nike introduces a SNKRS app, “an ultimate Sneakers Shop in the palm of your hand” according to the Nike web site, to be the first to test new product experience.

If you are in New York City these days you can visit a new Nike SNKRS Station at 348 Bowery in Manhattan. It’s a huge and impressive pop up shop in the shape of a familiar to everybody Nike’s shoe box, which is a retail store and a platform to introduce and launch the Nike SNKRS app. On one side of the Nike SNKRS Station there is a special animated display, that features a countdown clock which shows new sneakers to be sold at the Station each day.

SNKRS Station


The SNKRS app was launched in February at the NBA 2015 All-Star weekend, when all major sneaker brands lined up something special for this event. This app offers access to Nike’s most premium sneakers, including popular franchises like Air Force 1, Air Max, Foamposites, Jordan’s, LeBron’s, Kyrie’s, Kobe’s, KD’s, and Nike SB (skateboarding) products, all in one device – in the mobile app.

The app enables users to recieve notifications on upcoming product arrivals, to get order status updates and revisit the classics. Nike also pays much attention to storytelling so that users get the chance to gain an exclusive content on legendary Nike lines and can purchase the sneaker just with one click. Users size, billing, and shipping information can be stored to buy sneaker in seconds.


The app now is available to limited number of consumers in the U.S. and just to those who have a special access codes that can be obtained at the Nike SNKRS Station and then get SNKRS installed on an iOS device. Consumers who are not from New York City area can visit Nike web site to sign up for early access to Nike SNKRS app. The full app will be launched this spring with an Android release.

Over the years Nike have had some of the most cutting-edge products on the market and has been focusing on novelties to deliver innovative new products for consumers across the globe. Nike offers creative solutions and interactive programms in order to be always connected with their users.

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An unexpected surprise from Kmart for St. Valentine’s Day.

American chain of discount department stores Kmart created an unexpected advertising commercial to Valentine’s Day to surprise the target audience.

It’s always exciting when brands surprise you. Kmart and ad agency Draft FCB created a new TV commercial to make a perfect St.Valentines’s Day for everyone.

In this spot we can see a young boy who is preparing for St.Valentine’s Day: he is shaving, brushing his tears, dressing up and finally cooking something. Maybe you think it is common for a person to prepare a romantic dinner for somebody who he loves – a girlfriend whose photo you can see by the mirror. But at that moment grandma has come, surprised to see a table that has been set for dinner and a gift – a heart-shaped box of chocolate and a teddy bear with an envelope.


A commercial ends with a voiceover “Give More Love To Everyone in your life on this Valentine’s Day” and hashtag #More Love, telling that you can give love and joy for every person you love. St. Valentine’s day simbolizes romance and love, when people express their feelings of love to each other by giving flowers, chocolates, and sending greeting cards – valentines.

But nowadays this event has become more and more commercialized.

A heart-rending spot from Budweiser during the Super Bowl XLIX.

Budweiser continues to surprise, creating a sequel of the last year’s heart – rending commecial. A new spot is on air during the Super Bowl XLIX games where the main hero is a “Lost dog” puppy, but not a beer.

A famous beer Budweiser in collaboration with agency Anomaly created a sequel of the last year’s heart-rending and sentimental Puppy love story about a labrador’s puppy. And this year a “Lost dog” spot has been launched and has gained a great success. In a few days it has got many Likes , Sharing and became a viral.

Budweiser: Lost Dog (via)

This spot shows a story of a little puppy, that has lost and is looking for a way home. A spot consists of several episodes: at first we can find a lonely puppy hiding in a box from the rain, with eyes full of hope and wishing to find his friends and home soon. He has been separated from his owner and his friends, Clydesdale horses. In the second episode we can see his owner who is posting missing dog flyers, promising a reward for his puppy friend return. And in the end it shows Clydesdale horses rescuing their lost puppy friend from a wolf.

It is a very emotional and heartwarming story, but where is the beer in the ad? This spot concludes just with Budweiser’s hashtag #Best Buds. I wonder, what advertisers keep in mind and what they want to achieve?


It is supposed that the best way to catch people’s attention is to create a story full of empathy and emotions. In my opinion this spot is a metaphor to Budweiser’s brand mission: maintaining strong relationships with consumers, including care, attention, friendship and telling them that the best buds is always with you and never let you down. That creates integrity and increase fidelity to the brand.

This ad touched me to tears. What about you? 😉