How to improve your posture in real-time

The famous tech brand Microsoft has developed a genius way to draw people’s attention to their posture. A real time posture scanner was the great solution! You can see it in Stockholm!

The more mobile we get the more we tend to carry. The fact is that we carry too many devices, such as large and heavy laptops on a daily basis and we also carry them wrong that leads then to back pain and sore necks. It is an increasing problem, it might be called an endemic disease.

That’s why in the down town business district of Stockholm Microsoft with agency JWM have recently installed a digital billboard with a real-time posture scanner and a Kinect camera which automatically analisys and correct people’s posture. The initiative was to make people stop and think, and gave them tips and tricks on how to carry their bags right and light. As an alternative option you can replace your laptop with Microsoft Surface pro 4 – a powerful laptop and a tablet in one versatile device, weighting less than 800 grams.

Technology never ceases to amaze me, I can’t wait to see what comes next! What do you think of it? 😉


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Coke Zero’s first ever ‘Drinkable advertising’ campaign.

If you’re thirsty drink an ad!

Coca- Cola is full of surprises and continues to impress me with their innovative ideas. Working with Ogilvy&Mather New York they’ve created an entire campaign for Coca-Cola’s low-calorie drink Coke Zero that you can literally drink! Seems incredible, doesn’t it? Using creative thinking with new technologies make the unbelievable possible!

One of the most interesting and creative aspects of this campaign is a giant billboard that serves Coke Zero through a massive straw to thousands of passersby to encourage them to ‘Taste It.’

Coke Zero: Drinkable billboard (via)
Coke Zero: Drinkable billboard (via)
Coke Zero: Drinkable billboard (via)
Coke Zero: Drinkable billboard (via)

What is more, by partnering with Shazam they developed a new way of using audio recognition. The brand with its agency managed to pour the soft drink through a drinkable commercial all around the US.

ByShazamingthe ad viewers see Coke Zero being poured directly in the screen of their mobile devices from a bottle on TV screen. It was possible whenever they were at home, at a concert or among 80,000 people at NCAA Final Four games. When the glass was full they could get a free drink at redeemable retail stores.

Coke Zero: Drinkable commercial (via)
Coke Zero: Drinkable commercial (via)
Coke Zero: Drinkable commercial (via)
Coke Zero: Drinkable commercial (via)

Other ‘drinkable’ elements include radio ads that ‘poured Coke Zero using just sound’, print ads ‘that become cups’, flyers ‘that become straws’ and even posters ‘that turn people’s phones into digital straws’ and tweet ‘that poured Coke Zero in 140 characters’, all of which generate coupons for a free Coke Zero. It’s simply amazing!

Coke Zero: Drinkable ad (via)
Coke Zero: Drinkable poster (via)
Coke Zero: Drinkable poster (via)
Coke Zero: Drinkable tweet (via)


So next time you’re thirsty drink an ad’, claims Coca-Cola in the campaign. 😉

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Let’s drive football!

When it comes to innovation in the automotive industry Nissan has always had a leading position. How about its latest technological achievement that enables to control a football game with a car?

As Nissan is the official automotive sponsor of the UEFA Super Cup and UEFA Champions League, the idea to launch a project that focuses on football seems obvious.

Based on the mission to drive football the brand created the “Project Controller” that is “an interactive expedition to turn a Nissan Qashqai into a Pro Evolution Soccer controller and drive football”, in other words it allows gamers to control players in the Pro Evolution 2016 soccer game (PES 2016) on a Sony PlayStation by driving a Qashqai crossover. It’s the world’s first automobile video game controller!

Its website says:

“As you read this, our team of car engineers, gamers and UX designers are exploring the different possibilities for connecting the Nissan driving interface to a Sony PlayStation to create a new way to control Pro Evolution Soccer 2016.”

Project Controller: Driving Football (via)
Project Controller: Driving Football (via)

How it works:

The gamer sits on the driver’s seat and can manage players on a TV screen in PES 2016 video game. In order to pass a ball or shoot a goal gamers have to press the brake pedal or gas pedal. Also they can control the players using a steering wheel and windscreen wipers and direction indicators.

Project Controller: Driving Football
Project Controller: Driving Football (via)

For the first prototype testing the world-leading gaming influencers such as bloggers, vloggers, critics and gamers were invited.


The Project Controller was created by Nissan with agency TBWA, Helsinki and in partnership with UEFA, Sony PlayStation and Konami. It will debut during the UEFA Champions League game between Malmo FF and Paris Saint-Germain on November 25 at Malmö New Stadium, Sweden.

Project Controller: Driving Football (via)

As for me, I find this innovation brilliant. The brand managed to combine technology, gaming and football with driving a real car! It fits perfectly with its core philosophy ‘Innovation That Excites.’ Would you like to test it?

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Experience New York like a local!

Are you planning a trip to New York? Are you sick and tired of usual tourist traps? Would you like to discover the magic of the city as its residents do?

For those who are looking for a chance to explore New York, that many people have never heard of, Airbnb offers a brilliant alternative – a “Hosted Walks” tour. Let’s see the details and welcome to New York.

A lot of visitors come to New York to see the most popular attractions and monuments – a “must-see” list such as the Empire State Building, the Statue of Liberty and many others while a well-known hosting community Airbnb has something new to offer – secret treasures, hidden gems that are rarely mentioned on travel sites and guides.

To help visitors to discover a different side of New York, Airbnb with Johannes Leonardo agency, have launched a new feature called “Hosted Walks“. It’s cutting-edge and easy to use!

Airnbnb “Hosted Walks” (via)

In particular, when user searches for the sights information around Times Square, an ad encourages them to experience New York like a local. Clicking the ad takes them to Google Maps, that uses their current location to offer walking routes of the city’s hidden gems. In addition, the service provides with audio tour that is narrated by Airbnb hosts.

From my point of view, this campaign is another great example of using location-based mobile marketing that provides a unique opportunity to connect with consumers at any time and place with the right message.

Creativity has no limits ☺

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Interactive art installation by Google.

For those who love reading Google set up an unusual interactive art installation that turns words into poetry. You can see it on Kings Boulevard in London.

In the world overloaded with information it’s not easy for brands to engage people and maintain interest to the brand activity. They constantly need to create something new and surprise people. If a company wants to communicate and interact with its target audience launching the interactive installation is one of the effective medium that enables visitors to experience the brand and involve them in acting in it, leaving them with a lasting impression.

To promote the upcoming Curious Arts Festival of the Knowledge Quarter’s Google in partnership with students of London’s Central Saint Martins have launched an interactive experience in London.

The installation is called “Poetrics”. It consists of 17 LED panels and microphones.
Using Google’s voice search technology and the Google Speech platform it displays words spoken into various microphones and turns them into randomly created poetry. In other words any passers-by can interact with it. It’s enough to say some words into the installation and then a new poem appears on a digital billboard.

Google Poetrics 1
Google Poetrics (via)
Google Poetrics
Google Poetrics (via)

The installation has been placed around the development site of Google’s new Kings Cross offices in London. You can see and partecipate until March 2016.

A literary techniquewordplay in the installation reminds me a sort of Dada (or Dadaism), an art movement of the European avantgarde in the early 20th century based on irrationality and absurd that influenced many trends in the field of visual art, such as Surrealism.

To my mind this initiative is a good opportunity to make people love poetry, showing the importance and versatility of the language. ☺

Billboards that make you sweat.

Powerade has introduced the world’s first interactive billboards that invite people to join in testing their physical strength. They have been set on the streets of Berlin.

Billboards are considered to be the most common examples of Outdoor Advertising. They are designed to grab people’s attention and create a memorable impression very quickly, leaving people to think about the advertisement when they come across while driving or passing.

Billboards represent a very wide spectrum of creativity for advertisers. Agencies invent new ways to use them to catch attention and imagination of their target audience.

A groundbreaking idea crossed advertisers mind from Ogilvy&Mather, Berlin. They created billboards for Powerade that make you sweat.

Powerade Workout Billboards
Powerade Workout Billboards (via)

Advertisers managed to transform simple street billboards into real workout machines. Passersby can try out any of the three billboards. The first represents a climbing wall that scrolls. It enables anyone to exercise until he or she gets tired. The second one is a lat machine that allows you to pull the whole billboard up and finally there is a punching machine to find out how strong your punch is.


After finishing with their workout, people are given free bottles of Powerade to quench and restore their energy levels. Those who participated had fun!

I take leave to remark that these innovative billboards are brilliant example of how advertising and technology perfectly work together. This novelty fits exactly in the tagline of the campaign “You have more power than you think!”. All you have to do is believe in yourself!

An unconventional billboard by LG.

It’s worth watching the latest creative billboard on Qantas Drive near Sydney International Terminal if you’re in Australia these days.

Nowadays companies have to think outside the box to come up with new advertising ideas that could capture the imagination of their target audience. Outdoor advertising is considered one of the most effective types of advertising.

Outdoor advertising or out-of-home (OOH) is an affordable way to gain high visibility to the target audience. It allows brands to communicate with consumers when they are on the go. They don’t need to buy a newspaper, magazine, watch ads on TV, or internet. People are more likely to pay attention to the content in their natural surroundings. Thus, the advertising message is easily remembered and captures the audience’s attention quickly.

Billboards, the most common form of outdoor advertising and is one of the most effective way to promote a product and build brand recognition. They are everywhere and visible to everyone. They are created to impress people with their size, colours, creative ideas. Unlike other methods of advertising they are visible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and are never switched off.

Here is an example of unconventional billboard that has been done by GPY&R Sydney and oOh!media for LG Electronics Australia to promote its new washer.

LG Done in One (via)

In particular, to demonstrate the LG 15KG large capacity of a washing machine, the “Done in One” billboard was installed. You can see 71 items: 5 bed sheets, 12 bath towels, 5 tablecloths, 8 shirts, 9 t-shirts, 10 pillow cases, 9 pairs of underwear, 6 washcloths and 7 handkerchiefs to make its 12 metre by 3 metre billboard.

LG Done in One (via)

What impressed me is that all these items were washed in a single load in the washing machine and then were assembled on the billboard in order to create a strong product demonstration.

You can see this billboard on Qantas Drive near Sydney International Terminal, that is a strategical point of a huge number of people engagement.

I find the concept of using this product demo very effective. Consumers can see a product in action, evaluate and experience it without having to risk buying first. Product demonstration allows brands to convey the benefits and uniqueness of their products that influences consumer’s buying decisions.

Let’s have a look. Seeing is believing.


Another novelty by Volvo – LifePaint.

Automaker Volvo is coming up with another awesome idea: LifePaint, a reflective safety spray that highlights cyclists at night.

life paint by volvo

Cycling has always been dangerous and unsafe. There have been many road accidents and cycling injuries in recent years in the UK.

The “best way to survive a crash is not to crash” is the claim of Volvo’ new campaign. Safety is a major concept of Volvo cars. The brand cares about people both outside and inside a vehicle.

To reduce a risk of accidents Volvo with agency Grey London and Swedish startup Albedo100 has developed a new concept – reflective safety spray called LifePaint that is invisible by daylight, but becomes visible at night and it shines with a soft steady light in the glare of car headlights.

life paint by volvo

The spray has been made to increase visibility of cyclists at night. Spray developers care about safety of cyclists and drivers.

LifePaint is water based, so it washes off and will not affect the color or surface of materials. It can be also used on textile and it can be applied to clothes, shoes, helmets, pushchairs, children’s backpacks and even dog leads and collars and lasts for about one week after application.

To promote this unique concept an online video and invisible black posters, that show the text in the flash of a smartphone were created.


life paint by volvo


life paint


life paint


2000 cans of LifePaint will be given away at six London and Kent-based bike shops. If the initiative is successful it will be expanded nationally and then worldwide.

Isn’t this innovation stunning? 😉

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Volvorii – shoes 2.0.

Volvorii, or as it is called Volvorii Smart Shoe, is Hi-Tech shoe for women that might succeed in fashion industry in the nearest future.

Volvorii Smart Shoe (via)

Shoes, shoes and more shoes! Women can’t resist buying a new pair. They always need a new one to match any kind of outfit.

So Lithuanian –based startup iShuu Technologiesproposed a new concept of innovative hi-tech shoes to bring the idea to market.

The Volvorii smart shoe is a high-heeled leather elegant shoe which has a Bluetooth, a small battery with wireless charging and e-ink display that can allow to choose a desired pattern and change colours. And could you imagine that all this stuff is inside a sole?

Volvorii Smart Shoe (via)

Currently, the shoe’s display appears in black, white and grey e-ink, but future models might hold color e-paper screens and it will be possible to match a variety of different outfits. It is done via app on a smartphone.

The Volvorii smart shoe has been developed for LVMH Young Fashion Designer Prize. A prototype was first tested by agency Dragon Innovation, based in Boston to realise if that concept works and shoes are wearable. After approval it was decided to introduce them to real market. The availability of the shoes is scheduled for December 2015.


To release this idea the company is currently looking for financial support of $ 50,000 through crowdfunding. The starting price is 149 US dollars, then it can be increased up to $ 249.

How about you? Would you like to have hi-tech shoes? 😉

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