#CreateCourage no matter what with ‘Rogue One: A Star Wars Story’ new spot.

If you are a huge fan of Star Wars, it’s not surprising that you are counting down the days until #RogueOne blasts into cinemas. While waiting, I suggest you watch this touching commercial from the Globe Telecom, Philippines’ leading telecommunications company. May the heartwarming feeling be with you! 

You might have heard that the upcoming ‘Rogue One’ is not a sequel to the last year’s ‘The Force Awakens.’ ‘Rogue Oneis the first standalone film in the new Star Wars Anthology series that promises to take you on an all-new epic outer space adventure. In fact, it is set ‘a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away’ between the events of ‘Revenge of the Sith’ and ‘A New Hope’ and the plot centers around a team of rebels that are on a mission to steal the plans to the Death Star, the Empire’s ultimate weapon, capable to destroy an entire planet. This event, vital in the Star Wars timeline, challenges ordinary people to come together to be courageous and to do extraordinary things, becoming a part of something greater.

Globe Telecom: #CreateCourage – Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (via)

Inspired by the movie, Globe Telecom in partnership with Disney Southeast Asia and Publicis JimenezBasic have launched a new ad that inspires people to #CreateCourage for something greater in a daily life.

The ad focuses on a daily routine of two siblings, an elder brother and his sister, who are both big Star Wars fans. We see a boy in a Star Wars hoodie while a girl in her Stormtrooper helmet which she wears whatever she does, wherever she goes: at school, at home or riding her bike, dancing and even watching a Rogue One. As the story progresses, we find out that she wears it for a reason.

Globe Telecom: #CreateCourage – Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (via)

In the final seconds of the ad we watch her enter the classroom at school. Her classmates in Stormtrooper helmets are rising from their seats, she takes off her helmet and everybody realizes what she hides behind a Stormtrooper helmet. The ad ends with a tagline ‘Create. Courage. Create. Wonderful’ which means that small gestures of kindness and concern can mean so much to people, give them a feeling of support. Actions speak louder than words!

Globe Telecom: #CreateCourage – Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (via)

Enjoy the video 🙂


The key message of the campaign is to encourage people to donate to the Philippine General Hospital’s pediatric clinic rehabilitation and to lift spirits and give courage to their young patients.

In addition, Star Wars fans can partecipate in a special contest with a chance to win a trip to the Star Wars Celebration 2017 in Florida, USA! To enter they need to post photos of themselves in a Stormtrooper helmet on Facebook or Twitter profiles using the #CreateCourage and #RogueOnePH hashtags and complete this sentence in the caption: “#CreateCourage to __________.” (for more details see Globe’s website) Awesome, isn’t it?

I find this campaign stunning and I think it is so great that brands support a good cause! What do you think of it? 😉

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Put your stuff back to work!

This is the title of the Goodwill’s new public service advertisements (PSAs) for the US aiming to encourage people #DonateStuffCreateJobs.

You might have heard of Goodwill (or Goodwill Industries International, Inc.), a network of 164 independent non-profit charitable organizations governed by a voluntary board of directors, operating in the United States, Canada and 13 other countries including South Korea, Venezuela, Brazil and Italy. Goodwill’s mission is to provide job training, employment placement and other community-based services for all job seekers (yourth, seniors, veterans, people with disabilities and other specialized needs) who face employment challenges by selling donated clothing and household goods to Goodwill Retail Stores and shop online. 👠🎸💻

Goodwill: Stiletto (via)

To spread the word about its concept Goodwill in partnership with the Ad Council and ad agency VML  New York that created this project pro bono, have launched a new PSA campaign showing people that everybody can do the best to help those in need. It makes all the difference with a simple action.

Goodwill: Guitar (via)

In the spot you can see a series of images that shows miniature figurines in action that are occupied in a variety of skilled jobs, alongside life-size donated items that can help fund job training and placement opportunities in your community. The spot ends with the tagline, “Donate Stuff. Create Jobs.” and direct you to visit Goodwill website to find the nearest Goodwill donation center.


I find this initiative great. The best thing we all can do is help others reach their dreams. What do you think of it? 😉

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Creative way to raise public awareness of the importance to protect the nature.

This month the WWF in the US has released the direct marketing campaign aimed to draw people’s attention to the extinction of animal species worldwide until it is too late.

As the WWF describes on its web site:

Saving nature is at the very heart of what we do as WWF. For more than 50 years, we have made it our mission to find solutions that save the marvelous array of life on our planet by applying the best science available and working closely with local communities.

To make us aware of the gravity of this problem and educate us while there is still time, the WWF has partenered with Post-it and the Miami Ad School to develop this amazing and ingenious campaign.

The idea is as follows: four kinds of special Post-It Notes were created, each with a different image of an endangered species. With each Note discarted, the image of the animal fades gradually before it disappears. In other words, the picture could hardly be recognized at the end. Instead, the critical message appears: ’Extinction starts before we see it coming.’ So we should save endangered animals before they disappear in front of our eyes.

WWF: Extinction (via)

The campaign is simply brilliant! Did you get impressed? 🙂

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Do you still want to buy this two euro T-shirt?

Fashion Revolution, a non-profit organization, has conducted a social experiment in Berlin to show people the true cost of cheap fashion clothes.

When it comes to fashion, we’re eager to look stylish but not everyone can afford to spend much money on clothes. We always hunt for a great bargain in the sales.

Could you pass by a vending machine that sells T-shirts that cost less than a cup of coffee? It’s impossible to resist buying them, isn’t it? As for me, I could hardly keep myself. But what would you do if you knew about the conditions under which clothes were made?

To help answer the question let’s see a social campaign that was held by Fashion Revolution in collaboration with BBDO Berlin to raise awareness about the real cost of clothes at a bargain.

A vending machine was installed in the centre of Alexanderplatz in Berlin where unsuspecting passersby were offered to buy a T-shirt for just 2€. Think twice.

Fashion Revolution (via)
Fashion Revolution (via)

As soon as they inserted a coin to pay for the item into the machine, the display automatically played a video showing horrible working conditions on textile factories where women and children have to work for 16 hours a day for just 13 cents an hour. The video is accompanied by a phrase: ‘Do you still want to buy this 2€ T-shirt?’ and after a few seconds the options to ‘buy or donate‘ appear on the screen.

Fashion Revolution (via)
Fashion Revolution (via)
Fashion Revolution (via)
Fashion Revolution (via)
Fashion Revolution (via)
Fashion Revolution (via)

It’s not surprising that about 90% of the passersby decided against a purchase. They prefered to donate.

Fashion Revolution (via)
Fashion Revolution (via)

The video ends with the message: ‘People care when they know,‘ encouraging people to be more socially active and make brands take responsibility for their actions.

And what would you do?

Watch the video below:


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How to get rid of bad roads in the city?

P4 Ogilvy&Mather, Panama knows how to solve the problem of demaged roads and attract attention of local authorities.

Bad roads in the cities are very common and have become almost the norm. There is a huge contradiction of having super modern buildings, surrounded by roads with bad potholes.

Holes in the surface of a road make driving difficult or dangerous. You can often see drivers swerving to avoid the potholes and it doesn’t seem amusing. It often causes road accidents and car damages.

P4 Ogilvy&Mather with TV station Medcom in Panama have found a great solution. In particular, a device was installed inside potholes on the busiest streets of Panama. Every time it is run over by a vehicle this device sends a complaint tweet directly to the twitter account of the Department of Public Works.

Medcom released a special issue “The Tweeted Pothole” in Panama’s most influencial news show. They interviewed drivers to find out their opinion.

After a lot of complaints in Twitter the problem was taken into consideration. They achieved a good result. Potholes started disappearing.


Therefore people should be active to make authorities do what they obliged to do. 😉

Have you ever heard of Shadow WiFi?

It is a WiFi that works when you’re in the shade to help prevent skin cancer. You can see it at the beach in Peru.

Skin Cancer is considered to be one of the most dangerous and fast growing form of cancer. More than one million people suffer skin cancers every year.

In the summer people like having sunbathe and often don’t realize that ultraviolet (UV) rays are very harmful. The best way to reduce a risk of this desease is to avoid long exposure to intense sunlight and practice sun safety.

Shadow WiFi (via)

Agency Happiness Brussels has come up with an interesting solution aiming to prevent skin cancer. Instead of just warning people about the dangers of UV rays, the agency in collaboration with the Peruvian League Against Cancer (Liga Contra el Cánce) have installed a Shadow WiFi System. It has been set up on Playa Agua Dulce in Peru.


A large blue structure attracts people’s attention offering a free WiFi access that is available when people are in the shade. A sensor tracks the movements of the sun during the day changing the rotation of the Wi-Fi antenna. When the shadow moves people on the beach have to follow to stay connected.

To get connected you have to register on a web page that provides all the prevention information about the dangers of skin cancer and too much exposure to the sun, encouraging people to take care of their health.

Shadow WiFi

The Shadow WiF is expected to be installed in San Francisco and New Zealand soon, hoping that one day it becomes a truly global network of skin care preventing.

In my opinion this campaign to raise awareness of skin cancers is very useful and can meet a positive feedback. People should pay more attention to their health and take care of yourselfs.

Pharmacists offer more than just help with medications.

The Ontario Pharmacists Association in Canada has launch “Pharmacists offer more“ ad campaign to promote and spread awareness of the diversity of their services.

Most people think pharmacists just dispense pills. But they do a lot more. For example, they offer a range of health services so that people get aware of and get support to improve their health and wellbeing.


Pharmacists are ready to answer your questions and recommend treatment for everyday life, counsel about prescriptions, renew if necessary, advice on natural health products and medical devices.

To help you learn about specific health conditions such as heart disease or diabetes pharmacy hold specialized clinic days that focus on education or risk assessment. If it is clinically appropriate, your pharmacist may choose to change the dose, dosage form, frequency, or route of administration of your prescription to better meet your healthcare needs. Some pharmacies offer medication delivery to patients who live within the pharmacy’s medication delivery zone.

To help people better understand what pharmacists can really do a special wall with a range of blister packages filled with pill-shaped magnets was set up at the Toronto Eaton Centre.



It allowed people to find out how pharmacists can help them in a very interactive way. Each blister package contains different messagges such as “I can give you your flu shot,” “I can help you manage your diabetes” and “I can help you quit smoking”. What you are required to do is to take the package and ask pharmacists to provide you with necessary information.

Pharmacists offer more (via)

The campaign was developed by ad agency Cossette Vancouver and contained online ads, billboards, bus shelters, radio and print ads in Toronto, Ottawa and several other Ontario cities.

In my opinion the campaign can meet with a positive response and provide people with high quality, accessible and affordable health care and understand that pharmacists offer more than just pills. 🙂

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Public interest ads against harassment in the workplace.

The Ministry of Labour in Brazil has launched a powerful print ad campaign to fight harassment at work.

The workplace is one of the most important social space where people spend a lot of time. It is essential that companies should create friendly work environment, so that employees can be effective and productive and enjoy what they are doing.

A positive workplace is characterised by respect that supports employee engagement. It also creates a high performance culture that encourages innovation and creativity. Engaged employees are considered to be more motivated and committed.

People who are harassed may suffer distress, anxiety, depression and other serious psychological problems which make them feel unhappy and hate the thought of going to work. They lose confidence. All these affect their work productivity. People make mistakes due to their lack of concentration and motivation.

The Ministry of Labour in Brazil in collaboration with ad agency Escala has created series of print ads aiming to prevent negative work environment and harassment. They also focus on attracting public interest to the problem.

Organogram 1 (via)
Organogram 2 (via)

In all ads work space with an employer and employees accompanied by powerful messages are shown. There are different types of moral harassment that can occur in the workplace such as isolating, threatening, minimazing the potential of employees and offending them, calling them by nicknames like door, briefcase, whale, turtle, donkey and clown.

Organogram 3 (via)
Organogram 4 (via)

At the end of each ad you can see a message “if your boss only respects the organogram, report it”.

It means that if you are harassed or bullied and your boss says nasty things and uses physical violence you should defend your rights and contact an employment lawyer immediately. He can help explain the law and assert your rights in court if needed.

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Work off your snack.

Independent Health Foundation with University at Buffalo  introduced a funny Ambient Marketing campaign to encourage students to select healthy snacks from vending machine. If you prefer something unhealthy, work off your snack.

The initiative was launched at UB to convince their students of starting thinking about making healthy choices while having snacks or lunch on campus. To promote this action a vending machine was installed in Knox Lecture Hall and hidden cameras around it were set up.




In the first video students are shocked by this vending machine talking and asking them to do 20 jumping jacks, jog in place putting hands up in the air, do push-ups on the floor in front of it before getting their snack. In the second, students are asked to read ingredients of their snacks and get aware how healthy the food they eat is. In the third, students have to make a promise to eat healthier.

All videos ends up with a special message as a healthy reminder: in the first – “2 minutes to eat. 20 minutes to work off”, in the second – “More syllables=less nutrition”, and in the third – “Looks like junk inside. Feels like junk inside”. This concept makes people be aware of what they eat.

When you buy food and cook at home you it is necessary to know what ingredients this product contain. To help identify healthy food, you can visit the IHF’s website where you can find some useful tips with recipes to make the right choice.

Good nutrition is an important part of a healthy lifestyle. Food rich in vitamins and minerals provides you with energy and helps you stay healthy, active, and strong. If you are on a well-balanced diet, you can reduce a risk of various diseases, such as obesity, diabetes, heart diseases, etc.

So it is nessary to provide people with information on health nutrition at a young age that will help them stay healthy throughout their life.

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The Born Free’s new ad campaign on to protect wild animals.

The Born Free, a British international wildlife non-profit organization, launched a new outdoor campaign that shows how important it is for wild animals to live in their natural habitat.

The campaign shows three digital outdoor ads:

– “There’s no point in saving the last Lion on Earth”,

– “There’s no point in saving the last Elephant on Earth” and

– “There’s no point in saving the last Rhino on Earth”




The main concept of each ad is to draw people’s attention to the problem of species becoming extinct.

At the end of this ad you can see a message “Help them while you still can”. It’s essential that everyone should care and protect wild animals from the disappearance until it is too late. Every animal counts. These ads were created in collaboration with ad agency WCRS and will be placed across key London locations.

The goal of this ad campaign is to change public attitudes, inform and educate people to respect the wild. Many species are endangered and their natural habitat is disappearing. People have to protect rare species from extinction, keeping them in freedom without exploitation of wild animals for entertainment and making profit.

Advertising through Digital billboards is an effective and powerful way to catch people’s attention and reach a large audience. It helps to create public interest and increase awareness to the initiative.

So good luck. 🙂

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