Another novelty by Volvo – LifePaint.

Automaker Volvo is coming up with another awesome idea: LifePaint, a reflective safety spray that highlights cyclists at night.

life paint by volvo

Cycling has always been dangerous and unsafe. There have been many road accidents and cycling injuries in recent years in the UK.

The “best way to survive a crash is not to crash” is the claim of Volvo’ new campaign. Safety is a major concept of Volvo cars. The brand cares about people both outside and inside a vehicle.

To reduce a risk of accidents Volvo with agency Grey London and Swedish startup Albedo100 has developed a new concept – reflective safety spray called LifePaint that is invisible by daylight, but becomes visible at night and it shines with a soft steady light in the glare of car headlights.

life paint by volvo

The spray has been made to increase visibility of cyclists at night. Spray developers care about safety of cyclists and drivers.

LifePaint is water based, so it washes off and will not affect the color or surface of materials. It can be also used on textile and it can be applied to clothes, shoes, helmets, pushchairs, children’s backpacks and even dog leads and collars and lasts for about one week after application.

To promote this unique concept an online video and invisible black posters, that show the text in the flash of a smartphone were created.


life paint by volvo


life paint


life paint


2000 cans of LifePaint will be given away at six London and Kent-based bike shops. If the initiative is successful it will be expanded nationally and then worldwide.

Isn’t this innovation stunning? 😉

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Brainstorming with Mitsubishi

Ad agency Publicis, Israel launched a creative campaign for a famous brand Mitsubishi that inspires potential consumers to use proper mental abilities to choose a right car.

mitsubishi (via)

The idea is not a new one, it has been already used in various advertising campaigns for such brands as Mercedes-Benz (“Left brain, Right brain”) or Curry from agency Dentsu Inc., Japan (“What happens to your brain?”), but the concept remains the same: a contrast between two cerebral hemispheres (a left brain has a logical, analytic and strategic insight and a right brain represents emotions and creative solutions in a decision making process). These two parts create integrity.

In this print ad you can see a visual that represents a map of the area with the off-road vehicle, it seems as if it is a brain devided in two parts; on the left there is a packshot of the car Mitsubishi Pajero with a body copy: “most people use only a small percentage of its abilities and a you’re not like most people” making it possible to understand that to make a right decision of a vehicle it is necessary to valuate pros and cons and after all a key of a right choice is to use more creativity ( or a right brain instead of a left, that is a part of a rationality and pragmatism).

To sum up, this concept of combination of points of contact creates a perfect compliance between technology, innovation, design and passion.

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Creative ad campaign from Havas Worldwide, Dusseldorf.

German ad agency Havas Worldwide, Dusseldorf created a communication ad campaign for a pharmacy operator in Germany Lloyds Pharmacy, which cares about their consumers using a creative ways.

In particular, a series of print ads was developed and focused on a maintaining a healthy lifestyle and consumer’s wellbeing. A company’s goal is to promote a concept of a healthy nutrition, providing certain information about food that is a part of a right nutrition that helps consumers take care of their health.

The Print Ad campaign consists of three images where vegetables look like pieces of fruit: A first image shows a visual of a half-peeled potato as if it is a banana with a text (body copy) nearby: “Potatoes contain more potassium than bananas”.

Bananas (via)

A second image shows yellow bell peppers in a squezeer nearby. There are two peppers with a spot that reminds orange juice. In a text (body copy) it is said that Bell peppers give you more vitamine C than oranges. ( “Bell peppers give you more vitamine c than oranges”).

Oranges (via)

In the last one we can see a peeled tomato in the same way as we peel apples. A text (body copy) aims to understand that tomatoes provide more anti oxidants than apples(“Tomatoes provide more anti oxidants than apples”).

Apples (via)

Texts of the ads are extraordinary and very interesting: all texts were handwritten and painted in the same colours as vegetables in print ads where a lettering message is underlined.

Moreover, in the ad message there is a suggestion of the vital elements for life, which we can’t do without: potassium, vitamine C and anti oxidants and they pay attention to the importance of eating vegetables and not just fruits to maintain good health. What do you think about this ad campaign?