Lenovo’s transformer clothes.

When tech meets fashion, incredible and crazy things might happen, as for example, a screen Jacket by Lenovo, a jacket that turns into a projector screen.

Lenovo France has recently introduced its latest novelty – YOGA Tab 3 Pro, a tablet with a built-in projector that enables you to watch presentations and movies or something else on the project screen. The idea seems great, but what if you don’t have any surface at hand to show the image?

Taking into account this fact, Lenovo with ad agency Ogilvy&Mather, Paris, France have come up with an inventive solution: a custom made jacket that becomes a portable projector screen. A special feature of this jacket is that you can project what you want anywhere. To start using the Lenovo Screen Jacket it’s enough to take the jacket off and turn it inside out.

Lenovo Screen Jacket (via)
Lenovo Screen Jacket (via)

What’s really exciting is that this jacket is more than just an accessory for Yoga Tab 3 Pro, it’s a real piece of fashion clothing. To make it wearable Lenovo has invited famous designers from French fashion label Pantheone such as Felipe Pantone, Janine Rewell, JeanSpezial and Yogo Honda, so that you can wear it even as a casual item. All jackets are of different colours to wear them in everyday life. Only white is inside to use it as a widescreen surface for Yoga Tab 3 Pro.


This gadget is a ingenious discovery. It’s so exciting to see how fashion and technology are fusing together every time to break new ground. How do you like the idea of a jacket with the logo of Lenovo? 🙂

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