Put your stuff back to work!

This is the title of the Goodwill’s new public service advertisements (PSAs) for the US aiming to encourage people #DonateStuffCreateJobs.

You might have heard of Goodwill (or Goodwill Industries International, Inc.), a network of 164 independent non-profit charitable organizations governed by a voluntary board of directors, operating in the United States, Canada and 13 other countries including South Korea, Venezuela, Brazil and Italy. Goodwill’s mission is to provide job training, employment placement and other community-based services for all job seekers (yourth, seniors, veterans, people with disabilities and other specialized needs) who face employment challenges by selling donated clothing and household goods to Goodwill Retail Stores and shop online. 👠🎸💻

Goodwill: Stiletto (via)

To spread the word about its concept Goodwill in partnership with the Ad Council and ad agency VML  New York that created this project pro bono, have launched a new PSA campaign showing people that everybody can do the best to help those in need. It makes all the difference with a simple action.

Goodwill: Guitar (via)

In the spot you can see a series of images that shows miniature figurines in action that are occupied in a variety of skilled jobs, alongside life-size donated items that can help fund job training and placement opportunities in your community. The spot ends with the tagline, “Donate Stuff. Create Jobs.” and direct you to visit Goodwill website to find the nearest Goodwill donation center.


I find this initiative great. The best thing we all can do is help others reach their dreams. What do you think of it? 😉

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The Born Free’s new ad campaign on to protect wild animals.

The Born Free, a British international wildlife non-profit organization, launched a new outdoor campaign that shows how important it is for wild animals to live in their natural habitat.

The campaign shows three digital outdoor ads:

– “There’s no point in saving the last Lion on Earth”,

– “There’s no point in saving the last Elephant on Earth” and

– “There’s no point in saving the last Rhino on Earth”




The main concept of each ad is to draw people’s attention to the problem of species becoming extinct.

At the end of this ad you can see a message “Help them while you still can”. It’s essential that everyone should care and protect wild animals from the disappearance until it is too late. Every animal counts. These ads were created in collaboration with ad agency WCRS and will be placed across key London locations.

The goal of this ad campaign is to change public attitudes, inform and educate people to respect the wild. Many species are endangered and their natural habitat is disappearing. People have to protect rare species from extinction, keeping them in freedom without exploitation of wild animals for entertainment and making profit.

Advertising through Digital billboards is an effective and powerful way to catch people’s attention and reach a large audience. It helps to create public interest and increase awareness to the initiative.

So good luck. 🙂

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