The future has finally arrived!

Just think, 30 years has passed but we still remember “Back to the future” movie! As we know, this memorable date is October 21, 2015– that day Marty McFly and Doc Brown travelled to the future in “Back to the Future Part II”.

So, to celebrate “Back to the Future Day” Toyota has released a five–minute commercial and has reunited Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd, the main characters of the movie trilogy.

The commercial called “Fueled by the Future” starts with a narration: “I’m a huge ‘Back to the Future‘ fan, especially all that crazy technology. That’s why I got into science and ended up getting my master’s in aero-mechanical engineering” – showing us a scene from the movie and then a man appears sitting on a sofa watching it on TV.

Back to the future (via)

We recognized Mischa Pollack, a scientist who meets up in the diner with Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd, two of his heroes, in the next scene of the commercial to show them how he could turn their trash into a fuel for a car, just like the Mr. Fusion model generator from the DeLorean in the movie.

After that Mischa returns to his Toyota pickup truck and travels throughout memorable places in the movie such as McFly’s home, Whittier Union High (Hill Valley High) and Courthouse Square collecting garbage to turn it into a fuel.

Toyota (via)
Whittier Union High (via)

I got into my thoughts that in the movie the main character receives Toyota pickup truck as a gift from his parents. But now in the commercial we can see the modern version of Marty’s truck, a fuel-cell sedan powered by hydrogen (remember DeLorean powered by a lightning bolt? ). This truck titled Toyota “Mirai” (means “future” in Japanese) has been presented by Pallock to Fox and Lloyd in the final scene. Doc and Marty get impressed by seeing a new vehicle and they ask Mischa for a test drive!

Toyota Mirai (via)
Toyota Mirai (via)

Another interesting scene that caught my eye is when Fox an Lloyd are eating dinner and discussing which of the movie’s 2015 predictions have come true such as 3D printing, 3D movies and fingerprint technology. The funny element is when Lloyd admits to still using a fax machine! What is more, Fox says he is still really looking forward sneakers that lace themselves up!

I would also like to mention that Toyota commercial is accompanied by background music from the movie that made me quite nostalgic. Let’s watch and enjoy! 🙂


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How about running on a treadmill in the cinema?

Usually people go to the cinema to relax, but Reebok makes them “Run the Movie” to watch the film. Let’s see.

Imagine you’re at the cinema, relaxed, with large containers of popcorn and ready to watch the film. Suddenly it stops and begins to buffer. Spotlights light up in front of the screen on the treadmills with Reebok running shoes nearby and point at randomly selected moviegoers.

Reebok Run the Movie
Reebok Run the Movie

Once they begin running on the treadmills, the movie keep on going. The faster they run the more quickly the movie continues.

Take notice that the movie is going just while people keep running and a buffer appears on the screen again when the treadmills are empty.

At the end all participants have been given a new pair of Reebok ZPump shoes.

The campaign, titled “Run the Movie” was done by the South Korean ad agency Innored for Reebok to promote ZPump Reebok shoe and also to provide people with healthy life style and keep them fit.

This method might seem too extreme in comparison with their previos Get moving, get pumped campaign in subway, but I like the way the Reebok do to brake people’s routine and never stop surprising us. 🙂

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Benedict Cumberbatch turns up as Sherlock to solve a mystery…in the Car Ad

Bewitched music, a mysterious voice, a new SUV …all these you can find in the new MG Motors commercial in China … the game is on!

While we are looking forward to a new episode of Sherlock that will return in December we can enjoy seeing him on the commercial. The MG GS SUV made its debut at Shanghai Auto Show where Benedict Cumberbatch had been chosen as the Ambassador because a TV series “Sherlock” is very popular in China.

Benedict Cumberbatch (via)

What I like in this ad campaign most is that you can see the actor in his usual role of Sherlock Holmes. In the ad you can see Cumberbatch do what he is good at: solving complex problems, investigating, using his unique abilities, such as observation and deduction, in order to meet a mystery girl. The new MG GS SUV helps him to reveal the mystery.

MG GS SUV (via)

The commercial starts in a London street where we can see the actor walking along in his blue trench coat. As he is passing a red phone box a sound of telephone ringing attracts his attention. Being curious, he answers it and a female voice on the line asks, “Want to play a game?”.

He takes a car key, looks around and sees an orange MG GS SUV parking alone in the street and comes up to it. As a good detective he notices small details, quickly reads a situation and comes up with a deduction.

So he starts his investigations. On the surface of the car he discovers mud, flower petals and drops of water and in his mind pictures start flashing. Driven by curiosity he gets into the MG GS SUV. Through the commercial you can value the vehicle: comfortable, stylish, dynamic, easy-to-drive off-road both in town and outside.

While driving around London a beatiful girl image appears before his eyes. Then we see Cumberbatch approaching the Tower Bridge and next moment his car in the air successfully landing on the other part of the Tower. Finally, he finds the girl standing by the Tower Bridge. Feeling quite content, he slightly opens a car window and tells her “I could do this all day.”


To my mind it’s a clever idea to promote the vehicle. To engage audience the company used the marketing strategy such as branded entertainment (or branded content) that is considered very effective.

Firstly, brand messages or values are integrated into the content of entertainment (for example, ads, TV shows, video games etc). Brands are more likely to get noticed by film fans instead of just showing the benefits of the product. Secondly, it is non-invasive way of advertising. The characters are not directly trying to sell anything. Thirdly, it allows to create a story that establishes a strong emotional dialogue with the audience. It is very persuasive. Finally, branded content can generate huge media exposure (reach a lot of people) and get the brand noticed. It can go viral.

Do you consider this campaign effective? 🙂

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Star Wars are coming.

Expecting “Star Wars: Episode VII—The Force Awakens“ one of the most successful movie series to come out, Twitter has created Star Wars official emojis and All Nippon Airways launched a Star Wars passenger jet.

Emojis have become a mainstream that makes a digital life more varied, colourful and personal adding more fun and expressiveness to the language. It’s a good chance for brands to be always in touch with their audience to convey their messages more creatively.

To make fans feel satisfied Twitter in partnership with Disney and Lucasfilm have created exclusive StarWarsEmojis in anticipation of “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” that will be released on December 18.

There have been three emojis so far: a stormtrooper, C3PO and the new droid BB8 that will be shown in the new episode. More characters are coming up soon.

#StarWarsEmojis (via)

What is so special about new emojis is that these emojis will not be available in the smartphone keyboard. To use them you need a Twitter account. The emojis will appear after using the hashtags #C3PO, #Stormtrooper or #BB8 on Twitter website or in Twitter’s mobile app.

In addition, the Japanese company All Nippon Airways (ANA) launched Star Wars themed jet dedicated to R2-D2 from Star Wars. Its newest aircraft Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner has been painted the same color as the droid and there is a large Star Wars logo on the fuselage display. It was unveiled at a Star Wars Celebration in Anaheim, California, on 17 April.


Regular flights ANA R2-D2 jet are expected in the fall this year and start flying international routes.

On the special ANA website you can find the iconic theme song, features videos and photos of the plane.

Without doubt, all this stuff is the best marketing campaign for the upcoming film Firstly, emojis give opportunity for brands to communicate with their fans in a non-intrusive way and penetrate in consumer’s mind in a delicate manner using their language of speaking. It’s a pity that they have been created just for Twitter users and you can’t copy and paste them to the other platforms so far.

Secondly, branded jetlines is a good advertisement for the airlines and it is a way to stand out. It is the first-ever flight of a passenger aircraft featuring a Star Wars character.

It is higt time fans booked seats.

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