Star Wars are coming.

Expecting “Star Wars: Episode VII—The Force Awakens“ one of the most successful movie series to come out, Twitter has created Star Wars official emojis and All Nippon Airways launched a Star Wars passenger jet.

Emojis have become a mainstream that makes a digital life more varied, colourful and personal adding more fun and expressiveness to the language. It’s a good chance for brands to be always in touch with their audience to convey their messages more creatively.

To make fans feel satisfied Twitter in partnership with Disney and Lucasfilm have created exclusive StarWarsEmojis in anticipation of “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” that will be released on December 18.

There have been three emojis so far: a stormtrooper, C3PO and the new droid BB8 that will be shown in the new episode. More characters are coming up soon.

#StarWarsEmojis (via)

What is so special about new emojis is that these emojis will not be available in the smartphone keyboard. To use them you need a Twitter account. The emojis will appear after using the hashtags #C3PO, #Stormtrooper or #BB8 on Twitter website or in Twitter’s mobile app.

In addition, the Japanese company All Nippon Airways (ANA) launched Star Wars themed jet dedicated to R2-D2 from Star Wars. Its newest aircraft Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner has been painted the same color as the droid and there is a large Star Wars logo on the fuselage display. It was unveiled at a Star Wars Celebration in Anaheim, California, on 17 April.


Regular flights ANA R2-D2 jet are expected in the fall this year and start flying international routes.

On the special ANA website you can find the iconic theme song, features videos and photos of the plane.

Without doubt, all this stuff is the best marketing campaign for the upcoming film Firstly, emojis give opportunity for brands to communicate with their fans in a non-intrusive way and penetrate in consumer’s mind in a delicate manner using their language of speaking. It’s a pity that they have been created just for Twitter users and you can’t copy and paste them to the other platforms so far.

Secondly, branded jetlines is a good advertisement for the airlines and it is a way to stand out. It is the first-ever flight of a passenger aircraft featuring a Star Wars character.

It is higt time fans booked seats.

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Fonte Nova Bookstore is interested in arousing your greatest emotions.

Fonte Nova Bookstore in Brazil encourages people to read through entertaining illustrations.

Nowadays people read less. They prefer watching television, surfing the internet, talking on cellphones or read only specific educational literature to get new information for their jobs or study. Moreover, people tend to read little rather than try to concentrate on the content.

Have you ever considered why reading books is important.

Thought provoking reading is essential. In books people often find a reflection of what is happening in soul or in life. Due to books readers educate themselves, compare their own behaviour and views with book characters, looking for ideals. Reading learns to think critically asking questions such as What do I live for? Who am I? How has the world been organized? People begin to understand themselves, trying to sort out their feelings and actions and learn to understand better other people. It also enriches the vocabulary, expand horizons, developes imagination and your creative side.

Reading also enriches emotionally and “arouses your greatest emotions”, as Fonte Nova Bookstore in Brazil tells in its new ads.

It’s not easy to create ads for books or bookstores in an unusual way. It is a great opportunity for ad agencies to stimulate their creativity more. Each ad should be unique. It’s not enough to show the benefits of the product.

The concept offered by Brasilian agency CCZ for Fonte Nova Bookstore is worth considering and deserves attention.

In particular, series of interesting print ads were developed in which you need to pay attention to a colorful pupil looking at the sky and eyelash in a shape of huge tsunami waves.

Tsunami, 1 (via)
Tsunami, 2 (via)

I think they have been chosen on purpose. In different cultures and societies an eye is considered to be a symbol of knowledge, providence, and divine direction and is also associated with the light and the spiritual capacity to contemplate with huge magical powers. The sky is viewed as a symbol for vastness or limitlessness with knowledges and tsunami wawe represents our emotions and feelings.

What is more, in every ads you can see a bookmark, that turns us to the main subject – bookshop.

Get excited! 🙂

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Are you ready to speak in color?

OPI, a famous nail polish brand, has launched a new marketing campaign introducing a new concept – a color as the universal language.

Nowadays nail polish has become a real fashion accessory. You can choose any color shades depending on your mood or season and match any outfit. Brands aim to attract consumers attention through eye-catching images in a number of beauty magazines, ad commercials, fashion runways. And they all want to stand out of the crowd and offer you something new.

So did the Paris’ office of TBWA for OPI that has created a brilliant campaign called “color is the universal language” that includes a TV Commercial Ad, an app, print ads, outdoor advertising and merchandise such as T-shirts, mugs and other promotional items.

OPI Billboard NYC (via)
OPI Billboard Metro (via)
OPI Print Ad (via)

What attracts my attention most is a TV Commercial called “Story of a drop” in which you can’t see the nail product, but just a red nail polish drop that introduces itself as a letter A saying “My mom thinks I’m very classy, but I can also be pretty naughty.” Every color represents 26 letters of the alphabet.

In the ad a range of colors is presented by words and sentences such as “Hello world,” “Happy birthday Grandma,” “Farewell my love” and “Marry me now” and four asterisks that are the part of a word and you can find out which one is yours.


Another interesting idea is a special app called “ColorChat.” It allows to encode messages in OPI nail polish shades. You can just type your message on a standard keyboard on your smartphone and letters or words turn in different colors.

OPI ColorChat (via)
ColorChat (via)

You can also save your masterpiece and send your messages to friends via text, email and social media or share your ColorChat messagges on the OPI Color Wall. If you want to buy something it is possible to shop the OPI nail polish shades directly from the app. It is available for iOS and Android users, so you can test it and have fun! The app has launched worldwide since April 1, 2015.

In my opinion the idea of ColorChat is very powerful and allows to express your emotions in innovative and artistic way. It’s also very unusual to see words or phrases in the shape of colorful nail polish. 🙂

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Another novelty by Volvo – LifePaint.

Automaker Volvo is coming up with another awesome idea: LifePaint, a reflective safety spray that highlights cyclists at night.

life paint by volvo

Cycling has always been dangerous and unsafe. There have been many road accidents and cycling injuries in recent years in the UK.

The “best way to survive a crash is not to crash” is the claim of Volvo’ new campaign. Safety is a major concept of Volvo cars. The brand cares about people both outside and inside a vehicle.

To reduce a risk of accidents Volvo with agency Grey London and Swedish startup Albedo100 has developed a new concept – reflective safety spray called LifePaint that is invisible by daylight, but becomes visible at night and it shines with a soft steady light in the glare of car headlights.

life paint by volvo

The spray has been made to increase visibility of cyclists at night. Spray developers care about safety of cyclists and drivers.

LifePaint is water based, so it washes off and will not affect the color or surface of materials. It can be also used on textile and it can be applied to clothes, shoes, helmets, pushchairs, children’s backpacks and even dog leads and collars and lasts for about one week after application.

To promote this unique concept an online video and invisible black posters, that show the text in the flash of a smartphone were created.


life paint by volvo


life paint


life paint


2000 cans of LifePaint will be given away at six London and Kent-based bike shops. If the initiative is successful it will be expanded nationally and then worldwide.

Isn’t this innovation stunning? 😉

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If mannequins could speak

Ted Baker – a British clothing retail company – has installed an interactive technology in Westfield store in London to make mannequins to communicate with consumers.



This technology is called VMBeacon (or beacon) and installed into each mannequin or visual merchandising product. It transmits information programmed via a web-portal. The VMBeacon was developed by Iconeme, a technology and design company and works with a Iconeme free app on mobile devices. To communicate with mannequin a consumer has to be within 50 metres inside or outside the store.

To use this technology and interact with mannequins you need to download Iconeme app for iOS and Android. After the access, the app invites users to view more detailed photos with product description on display including price and links to buy the items online or directly in the store. Moreover, it is possible to share the products, save looks to use later and to find special offers and rewards.

To make shopping experience of the consumer more effective, mannequins are available for 24 hours. So you can find necessary information at every moment and to shop online directly from the window with mannequins when the store is closed.

The VMBeacon was installed in some British stores such as House of Fraser’s Online Store ad Aberdeen, Hawes & Curtis in London and Bentalls in Kingston upon Thames.

This app is an excellent way to be in touch with clients, it enables to understand better their needs and desires, have feedback of the sales products and can help improve service and enlarged sales. And what do you think of this innovation? 🙂

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