How about running on a treadmill in the cinema?

Usually people go to the cinema to relax, but Reebok makes them “Run the Movie” to watch the film. Let’s see.

Imagine you’re at the cinema, relaxed, with large containers of popcorn and ready to watch the film. Suddenly it stops and begins to buffer. Spotlights light up in front of the screen on the treadmills with Reebok running shoes nearby and point at randomly selected moviegoers.

Reebok Run the Movie
Reebok Run the Movie

Once they begin running on the treadmills, the movie keep on going. The faster they run the more quickly the movie continues.

Take notice that the movie is going just while people keep running and a buffer appears on the screen again when the treadmills are empty.

At the end all participants have been given a new pair of Reebok ZPump shoes.

The campaign, titled “Run the Movie” was done by the South Korean ad agency Innored for Reebok to promote ZPump Reebok shoe and also to provide people with healthy life style and keep them fit.

This method might seem too extreme in comparison with their previos Get moving, get pumped campaign in subway, but I like the way the Reebok do to brake people’s routine and never stop surprising us. 🙂

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Have you ever heard of Shadow WiFi?

It is a WiFi that works when you’re in the shade to help prevent skin cancer. You can see it at the beach in Peru.

Skin Cancer is considered to be one of the most dangerous and fast growing form of cancer. More than one million people suffer skin cancers every year.

In the summer people like having sunbathe and often don’t realize that ultraviolet (UV) rays are very harmful. The best way to reduce a risk of this desease is to avoid long exposure to intense sunlight and practice sun safety.

Shadow WiFi (via)

Agency Happiness Brussels has come up with an interesting solution aiming to prevent skin cancer. Instead of just warning people about the dangers of UV rays, the agency in collaboration with the Peruvian League Against Cancer (Liga Contra el Cánce) have installed a Shadow WiFi System. It has been set up on Playa Agua Dulce in Peru.


A large blue structure attracts people’s attention offering a free WiFi access that is available when people are in the shade. A sensor tracks the movements of the sun during the day changing the rotation of the Wi-Fi antenna. When the shadow moves people on the beach have to follow to stay connected.

To get connected you have to register on a web page that provides all the prevention information about the dangers of skin cancer and too much exposure to the sun, encouraging people to take care of their health.

Shadow WiFi

The Shadow WiF is expected to be installed in San Francisco and New Zealand soon, hoping that one day it becomes a truly global network of skin care preventing.

In my opinion this campaign to raise awareness of skin cancers is very useful and can meet a positive feedback. People should pay more attention to their health and take care of yourselfs.

An unconventional billboard by LG.

It’s worth watching the latest creative billboard on Qantas Drive near Sydney International Terminal if you’re in Australia these days.

Nowadays companies have to think outside the box to come up with new advertising ideas that could capture the imagination of their target audience. Outdoor advertising is considered one of the most effective types of advertising.

Outdoor advertising or out-of-home (OOH) is an affordable way to gain high visibility to the target audience. It allows brands to communicate with consumers when they are on the go. They don’t need to buy a newspaper, magazine, watch ads on TV, or internet. People are more likely to pay attention to the content in their natural surroundings. Thus, the advertising message is easily remembered and captures the audience’s attention quickly.

Billboards, the most common form of outdoor advertising and is one of the most effective way to promote a product and build brand recognition. They are everywhere and visible to everyone. They are created to impress people with their size, colours, creative ideas. Unlike other methods of advertising they are visible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and are never switched off.

Here is an example of unconventional billboard that has been done by GPY&R Sydney and oOh!media for LG Electronics Australia to promote its new washer.

LG Done in One (via)

In particular, to demonstrate the LG 15KG large capacity of a washing machine, the “Done in One” billboard was installed. You can see 71 items: 5 bed sheets, 12 bath towels, 5 tablecloths, 8 shirts, 9 t-shirts, 10 pillow cases, 9 pairs of underwear, 6 washcloths and 7 handkerchiefs to make its 12 metre by 3 metre billboard.

LG Done in One (via)

What impressed me is that all these items were washed in a single load in the washing machine and then were assembled on the billboard in order to create a strong product demonstration.

You can see this billboard on Qantas Drive near Sydney International Terminal, that is a strategical point of a huge number of people engagement.

I find the concept of using this product demo very effective. Consumers can see a product in action, evaluate and experience it without having to risk buying first. Product demonstration allows brands to convey the benefits and uniqueness of their products that influences consumer’s buying decisions.

Let’s have a look. Seeing is believing.


Get moving, get pumped in the subway with Reebok in Korea.

Reebok in South Korea has launched the pump battle campaign in subway to promote its ZPump Fusion model in unconventional way.

Nowadays people need to be more active and spend less time sitting in front of their computers in their workplace, or watching TV, reading, playing video games or driving. Sedentary lifestyle is considered to do harm to our health and rise risks of diabetes, heart diseases, and obesity.

To stay healthy you have to do regular physical exercises, take the stairs rather than the elevator, walk or bike to work and, of course, participate in wellness competitions. Exercising is what makes you keep healthy.

All things considered, Reebok with South Korean ad agency Innored has found an effective solution to keep people fit and inspire them to be more physically active.

The Pump Battle (via)

In particular, a huge advertisement game screen was installed in the subway where two opponents to take part in the battle were chosen occasionally while they were waiting for the train to come in the subway.

The Pump Battle (via)

On the video we can see some people feeling bored, others with their eyes glued to their cell-phones. They get amazed and excited one after the other when they find themselves appearing on the screen. They come up to find out what it is and see the message on the screen that encourage them to start the game. They hear the count of Three, Two, One Go and the game beginns. They have to move fast to press the most amount of Pump buttons during a particular period of time. The winner gets a reward– a pair of a Reebok ZPump Fusion sneakers.


This campaign aims to provide ordinary people with more healthy and enjoyable movements in their everyday life. The idea of the campaign is amazing and shows that life is motion!

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