Tour n’ Cure launched #StopTheWait campaign starring Lionel Messi.

If you’re looking for an interesting example of medical tourism campaign, Tour n’ Cure’s #StopTheWait is definitely worth your attention. #StopTheWait is an initiative launched to eradicate Hepatitis C worldwide. In collaboration with Leo Messi, Barcelona star and #TourNCure’s Global Ambassador, the campaign is sure to get more resonance. To learn more, go on reading!

Medical tourism has gained popularity in recent years as people decide to get medical treatment abroad as an alternative option for high quality and affordable healthcare, and absence of waiting lists. They can also enjoy the opportunity to travel overseas.

Developing a solid marketing strategy to increase brand awareness and consumer engagement is vital for any business, and medical tourism industry is no exception. Among noumerous marketing techniques that can be used, digital marketing is considered to be one of the best and effective tools for medical tourism. It allows you to better reach the right target audience with the right messaging and enables to measure the direct effectiveness of the ads. It raises the chances that the right person sees the right ad at the right time. It also expands your service to the regional, national and international market.

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Tour n’ Cure #StopTheWait (via)

Here is an example of digital marketing campaign that was created by BBDO Egypt for Prime Pharma’s Tour n’Cure #StopTheWait initiative in partnership with the Leo Messi Foundation aiming to lead the global effort to get rid of Hepatitis C.

In particular, the ad starts with the voiceover telling that a lot has happened in the past two years, showing Messi as an example. For this period of time he lost some finals and won some more, he scored 120 goals with the support of his team, he traveled the world in 64 days, got bunch of titles, he got injured, cured and healed, but in the meantime Melanie has been waiting just like 100 million like her who are forced to wait over two years to start their treatment for Hepatitis C.

Then Messi appears saying ‘Everything that I’ve achieved in the past two years wouldn’t make sense if we couldn’t work together to change Melanie’s life and others like her. No one should wait for the treatment. #StopTheWait.’ It’s essential that we should act like Messi!

The ad finishes with the text line ‘Come to Egypt for an affordable cure with zero waiting time. Start your treatment now

If you’re curious you can also watch the campaign on Social Media Channels such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

As Tour n’ Cure website regards ‘For every 1,000 supporters to the #StopTheWait cause, Tour n’ Cure will provide free treatment to one patient.


To my mind, it is a great campaign with a strong message. Let’s put an end to the waiting lists of people waiting for medication. #StopTheWait.” What do you think of it? 🙂

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Hermès launched “Le MANifeste”.

French luxury maison Hermès has run a completely new campaign entitled “Le MANifeste d’Hermès“ dedicated to men’s style. It inspires them to brake the routine and renew their wardrobe. If you’re still curious you’re welcome.

Firstly, a promo commercial has been introduced to erouse interest in it.

The commercial opens with a hand that shows a to-do list which then turns into strings and ends in a stud on a shirt sleeve. It attracts our attention to different kinds of clothes: shoes, a tie and a bag.  All this is accompanied by a twist, a popular fast dance in the 1960s in which you twist your body from side to side.

This animated ad seems very simple, eye-catching and cool and makes men pay attention to what they wear to be more elegant and stylish.


Secondly, Hermès has launched a humorous and playful website for menLe MANifeste d’Hermès” that allows to enter the men’s world of clothes, shoes, ties, accessories.

It is more than a traditional website with nice pictures and item descriptions, but it’s also an interactive tool that provides visitors with advice, videos and games including beautiful shoots of Hermès new men’s collection.

What seems interesting is that before seing fashion items you have to click on the images in the gallery and go through several steps.

Le MANifeste d’Hermès (via)

In the website visitors are able to scroll lists of variaty of style tips including “how-tovideo guides: how to wear a suit and build a sandcastle, how to plan a break with a tie and even show how to dance.


I was curious to see that visitors can get a chance to write their own poetry and guess what items there’re inside each bag seen through an X-ray machine.

Le MANifeste d’Hermès (via)
Le MANifeste d’Hermès (via)
Le MANifeste d’Hermès (via)

The site will be updated on a regular basis and will be available on all devices: computers, smartphones and tablets.

I think you’ll feel relieved to know that all the items presented on the website are shoppable through the online store. You took interest in this campaign, didn’t you?

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