No more excuses! The gym is everywhere!

You often find excuses for not working out. Whether it’s lack of time or money or you just lose interest or motivation. But your excuses are no longer valid! A famous sport brand Reebok decided to remind you that you don’t always need to be inside a gym to get a good workout because the gym is everywhere!

Summer is perfect for being active and spending time outdoors. So why not take your fitness routine to the next level and move your workout outside? Researches have shown that working out in the natural environment can not only motivate you to stay in good shape but also it helps you to burn more calories, tone your muscles and boost your mood and health while enjoying the sunshine, the surroundings and fresh air!

There are plenty of exercises you can do without spending hours at the gym such as walking, jogging, hiking and swimming. They are easy, effective and can save you some money. Some parks even have sport facilities which are accessible year round and are free to the public!

Reebok The Gym Is Everywhere
Reebok The Gym Is Everywhere (via)

These all are sure good things. BUT! Have you ever thought of doing exercises at the bus stop while waiting for the bus to come? Seems incredible, right!

To make this idea come true Reebok partnered with JCDecaux, the leading outdoor advertising company in the world. Six bus shelters in Bogotá and Cali, Columbia were turned into pop-up gyms. People were invited to take part in the training session and do step-ups, push-ups, squats and more with professional trainers support. Seems genius!

This initiative is a part of Reebok ‘The Gym is Everywhere’ campaign that outdoor workouts can be also effective and fun. All you need is an inspiration to keep fit. Work out whenever you want! The gym is everywhere!

Have a nice watching! Seeing is believing! 🙂


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Who would like to have a homemade pizza?

This question you can hear passing an interactive billboard in Amsterdam. It invites people to order a pizza according to their personal taste and directly with the chef of the restaurant! Did you get interested in it?

Nowadays interactive billboards have become an increasingly popular part of the media mix that allows to build strong relationships with consumers.

Such billboards are considered eye catching, getting people to be involved and enable them to enjoy a more personalized interaction with brand. They provide people with something more than just a nice picture – it is a surprise, which is believed to be a powerful thing.

For the last few years a lot of companies have been experimenting with interactive billboards using different technology – such as facial recognition, augmented reality, tracking technology etc. Companie’s ability to create new ideas along with new technologies give endless opportunities to make billboards unique and different.

There are a lot of brilliant examples that prove it, the latest one that grabbed my attention was a Livestream pizza interective billboard that was created by La Place restaurant in the center of Amsterdam to emphasize that the restaurant serves homemade meals at reasonable price.

 Livestream Billboard by La Place restaurant
Livestream Billboard by La Place restaurant (via)

To be exact, La Place in partnership with agency JCDecaux installed an interactive panel where passersby could choose their favourite ingredients (for example, mozzarella cheese, mashrooms, tomatoes or something else) to make pizza by talking directly to the chef of the restaurant via a live stream.

Furthermore, thanks to an interactive panel people could watch how a chef make their pizza and see what was inside the restaurant kitchen. As soon as pizza was cooked they could pick up their masterpiece from the restaurant.

To my mind, the interactive billboards are defenitly an effective way to create a Wow effect. And what is your attitude to such billboards?

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