TAKE5 Candy Bar: the first-ever playable packaging.

Hershey, the famous confectionery brand has recently launched ‘Remixer,’a limited-edition package for its TAKE5 bar that allows to create music with no app required!

You might notice the rise of  interactive packaging. And it’s obvious! Interactive packaging is more than just attractive graphics. It’s a great way to make a product stand out on the shop shelves and grab people’s attention. It makes a product more appealing, memorable and useful.

So, the confectionery giant Hershey has come up with a smart idea. Partnering with the agency Barkley, the brand has released the ‘Remixer,’ the first-ever interactive packaging that turns into a beat box. By ‘remixing’ its TAKE5’s Bar five classic flavors – chocolate, peanut butter, caramel, pretzels, and peanuts –the company ‘remixing’ the way their consumers experience music.

TAKE5 Remixer (via)

Are you curious to know how it works? According to the brand, using conductive ink and touch sensors, TAKE5 Remixer lets you create over 30,000 track combinations. Moreover, it doesn’t require an app to run. Isn’t it genius?!

I think, TAKE5 Remixer is a fantastic example of how brands can use new technologies to add something defferent to make their product stand out.

Whach the video below and share your views! 😉


Sourse: Hershey

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