Burger King’s new subway ad can whet your appetite.

the subway grill shelf

Burger King, famous American global chain of hamburger fast food restaurants, has come up with a smart solution of using the subway luggage shelves to create an optical illusion as if burgers are grilled directly in the subway car. You can experience it in South Korea.

Subway rides can be long, monotonous and boring. Commuters are often glued to their handheld devices to kill time without noticing anything around. It’s time to look up and shut down all these displays. Burger King takes you into the world of its juicy flame-grilled burgers!🍔🍔🍔

Just looking at these new tantalizing posters placed on the subway shelves makes your mouth water and you can hardly keep yourself from taking the patty. It can also arouse a desire to get off the train and rush to the nearest Burger King restaurant.

Burger King: The Subway Grill Shelf (via)

This juicy patty is an optical illusion to tease your stomach. In particular, an entire train has been packed with a series of Burger King posters and riders watch as if patties being grilled on the subway luggage shelves right in front of their eyes. Who can resist this yummy and appetizing burger? Not me, that’s for sure! 😉

Burger King: The Subway Grill Shelf (via)

This idea crossed Dongeon Lee’s mind, a student from the Hongik University in Seoul and was brought to life by the ad agency Cheil, South Korea for Burger King. What do you think of it? 🙂

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Smart way to declare your love with a bouquet of Doritos roses on Valentine’s Day.

Need a great Valentine’s Day gift idea? Doritos knows how to impress your man! Find out more reading the post!

Men aren’t always the easiest people to buy gifts for. Knowing that, Doritos has found a brilliant solution – a bouquet of 12-long-stem roses made with Doritos Ketchup tortilla chips which can be delivered for free right to your man’s door on Valentine’s Day!

According to the Doritos website, ‘these long-stem Doritos Ketchup Roses are one of a kind. The bloom is handmade by food stylists and each delicate petal is placed with care.’


Unfortunately, the Doritos bouquet is only available for those who live in Canada, especially in Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver. But if you’re outside the delivery zone, don’t worry about it. There is good news! You can make your own non-edible versions of the bouquet by following some simple D.I.Y. steps described on the Doritos website.

Doritos DIY (via)

Isn’t it amazing? 😉  What do you think of it? 🙂

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Who would like to have a homemade pizza?

This question you can hear passing an interactive billboard in Amsterdam. It invites people to order a pizza according to their personal taste and directly with the chef of the restaurant! Did you get interested in it?

Nowadays interactive billboards have become an increasingly popular part of the media mix that allows to build strong relationships with consumers.

Such billboards are considered eye catching, getting people to be involved and enable them to enjoy a more personalized interaction with brand. They provide people with something more than just a nice picture – it is a surprise, which is believed to be a powerful thing.

For the last few years a lot of companies have been experimenting with interactive billboards using different technology – such as facial recognition, augmented reality, tracking technology etc. Companie’s ability to create new ideas along with new technologies give endless opportunities to make billboards unique and different.

There are a lot of brilliant examples that prove it, the latest one that grabbed my attention was a Livestream pizza interective billboard that was created by La Place restaurant in the center of Amsterdam to emphasize that the restaurant serves homemade meals at reasonable price.

 Livestream Billboard by La Place restaurant
Livestream Billboard by La Place restaurant (via)

To be exact, La Place in partnership with agency JCDecaux installed an interactive panel where passersby could choose their favourite ingredients (for example, mozzarella cheese, mashrooms, tomatoes or something else) to make pizza by talking directly to the chef of the restaurant via a live stream.

Furthermore, thanks to an interactive panel people could watch how a chef make their pizza and see what was inside the restaurant kitchen. As soon as pizza was cooked they could pick up their masterpiece from the restaurant.

To my mind, the interactive billboards are defenitly an effective way to create a Wow effect. And what is your attitude to such billboards?

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Lurpak invites to go freestyle in the kitchen!

Lurpak starts a new campaign to encourage people to be creative in the kitchen.

Let’s break the routine. Let’s turn our imaginative ideas into reality. It’s time to set sail for something totally new and fresh.

Ladies and Gentlemen, today we’re going to try something a little different. We’re going freestyle” – tells us a voiceover in the commercial.

Lupark Go Freestyle, 1 (via)

In the commercial we can see people’s excitement and enthusiasm while cooking. Let’s put aside cookbooks and let imagination go. Take matters into your own hands.

Lurpak Go Freestyle, 2 (via)

The ad is accompanied by jazz rhythm that inspires you to go freestyle and start improvising with a dish in the kitchen. Tasty and glorious food images whet your appetite and take you in the incredible world of flavor and taste sensations.

The campaign has been done by Wieden+Kennedy London and aims to inspire people to be creative and spontaneous while cooking. What’s the point of using a lot of ingredients to create your masterpiece. All you need is to put your heart and soul, passion and imagination into it. Do not hesitate to experiment and then your ideas come true. Creativity is what keeps the idea shining.


Excitement is a key to attract viewers attention. What surprises me most is that advertising of ordinary butter brand looks so desirable and eye-catching. You want to taste it immediately and create your own food masterpiece.

Emotional branding is one of the most effective way to cause reaction, feelings and moods. It’s a good idea to promote products, stimulate the desire and encourage consumers to want the product or service. People don’t make logical buying decisions. They make emotional decisions. Brands that engage consumers in a personal dialogue on their needs are able to evoke feelings of love and attachement.

How about a new idea? 😉

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