How to add value to your direct mail campaign. An alarming letter!

When in doubt if direct mail marketing is useful today, I recommend you pay attention to this example. The Swedish alarm company Sector Alarm has recently come up with an interesting idea for its direct mail – an alarming letter – to grab consumer’s attention and showcase its service. To find out more, continue reading!

You might think that direct mail has gone the way of the dinosaur, but it is not true. It is not a forgotten form of advertising either! Companies continue using ‘old-school’ techniques including direct mail because they know that they still work.

Sector Alarm An Alarming Letter


Despite the rise of digital media, direct mail is still a viable and effective strategy in the marketing mix: it is more personalized and tailored for a specific audience but it also an awesome tool that allows to deliver a tangible message to your target audience and encourage interaction.

Just like any other marketing tactics, direct mail is continually changing and evolving alongside the tremendous advances in technology to create a unique and powerful bond with the audience.

Nowadays making your direct mail piece stand out amongst the others and getting your brand noticed isn’t as simple as it used to be. Today consumers are bombarded with countless emails and advertisements every single day while they respond to only a few of them. People spend less than a minute scanning your message before they decide whether it’s worth their time and effort to read it.

Sector Alarm An Alarming Letter


So, to create an immediate impact on potential consumers and to arouse their curiosity about the service, the Sector Alarm partnering with agency Milk have recently created an alarming letterthe direct mail that you won’t ignore! How did they succeed in it? By installing an alarm in an envelope that goes off when the letter is opened. Who doesn’t react to the sound of an alarm?


To my mind, it is a perfect example of how direct mail can be a powerful and effective marketing tool that, when executed properly, delivers great results for your business. Don’t overlook the power of direct mail! 📬📩 🙂

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Best way to communicate joy!

The Muchimuchi agency in Paris has created an emoji-inspired Direct Marketing campaign to mark joy and happiness with its clients and suppliers!

The recipe of this campaign is quite simple: ‘A touch of creativity and a whole lot of gourmandise, to put an end to the prevailing pessimism.’

This year the agency has released a tasty emoji-inspired Greeting Card to make something special as a gift for the clients and suppliers! Intriguing, isn’t it?

As you might know , ‘muchimuchi’ means ‘hello’ in Japanese, so the idea to use emojis seems obvious. In order to engage its clients in a fun and friendly way, the Muchimuchi agency released a special set of yellow macarons inspired by popular emoji icons. Who could resist getting such a sweet Greeting Card? As for me, I couldn’t help writing about this campaign.

Greeting Card (via)

Isn’t it a smart way to say a friendly hello to its clients? 😉

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Creative way to raise public awareness of the importance to protect the nature.

This month the WWF in the US has released the direct marketing campaign aimed to draw people’s attention to the extinction of animal species worldwide until it is too late.

As the WWF describes on its web site:

Saving nature is at the very heart of what we do as WWF. For more than 50 years, we have made it our mission to find solutions that save the marvelous array of life on our planet by applying the best science available and working closely with local communities.

To make us aware of the gravity of this problem and educate us while there is still time, the WWF has partenered with Post-it and the Miami Ad School to develop this amazing and ingenious campaign.

The idea is as follows: four kinds of special Post-It Notes were created, each with a different image of an endangered species. With each Note discarted, the image of the animal fades gradually before it disappears. In other words, the picture could hardly be recognized at the end. Instead, the critical message appears: ’Extinction starts before we see it coming.’ So we should save endangered animals before they disappear in front of our eyes.

WWF: Extinction (via)

The campaign is simply brilliant! Did you get impressed? 🙂

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Audi has made a next generation brochure: Audi TT brochure hack.

The German automotive giant created an interactive Audi TT brochure hack that inspires you with the futuristic feature.

Audi is well-known for its attractive design, high-quality materials and impeccable build quality. And is also known for progressive engineering that focuses on innovative and intelligent technology that anticipates drivers’ needs.

The Audi’s latest innovation is the Audi TT brochure hack that takes the Direct Marketing experience to a new, appropriate level. Audi TT brochure hack is an augmented touch-based journey via the Virtual Cockpit which shows all information digitally on a TFT display. The Audi TT is the first model to feature such innovative technology.

Audi TT brochure hack (via)

What amazed me most is that by using conductive ink, the traditional brochure becomes a smart interface with embedded Bluetooth chip. You can just press a button on a paper and the brochure interacts with your smartphone.

Audi TT brochure hack (via)

What you need to do is launch the app and simply place your smartphone on the page to get started. The app syncs automatically with brochure. Touching the hot spots on the page you can navigate every aspect on the display and voicover helps you to understand better each feature. You can also configure the vehicle with exterior features such as headlights, exterior colour and road wheels and request a test drive to feel the experience of the new Audi TT cockpit.


This technology allows brand to stay up-to-date with consumers and make their initiatives real. It is a good way to build an ongoing dialogue with consumers and engage them.

In my opinion Audi’s cutting edge technology is a worthy example of successful marketing strategies and fits perfectly its slogan “Vorsprung durch Technik “ which means “Advancement through technology.” 🙂

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Another novelty by Volvo – LifePaint.

Automaker Volvo is coming up with another awesome idea: LifePaint, a reflective safety spray that highlights cyclists at night.

life paint by volvo

Cycling has always been dangerous and unsafe. There have been many road accidents and cycling injuries in recent years in the UK.

The “best way to survive a crash is not to crash” is the claim of Volvo’ new campaign. Safety is a major concept of Volvo cars. The brand cares about people both outside and inside a vehicle.

To reduce a risk of accidents Volvo with agency Grey London and Swedish startup Albedo100 has developed a new concept – reflective safety spray called LifePaint that is invisible by daylight, but becomes visible at night and it shines with a soft steady light in the glare of car headlights.

life paint by volvo

The spray has been made to increase visibility of cyclists at night. Spray developers care about safety of cyclists and drivers.

LifePaint is water based, so it washes off and will not affect the color or surface of materials. It can be also used on textile and it can be applied to clothes, shoes, helmets, pushchairs, children’s backpacks and even dog leads and collars and lasts for about one week after application.

To promote this unique concept an online video and invisible black posters, that show the text in the flash of a smartphone were created.


life paint by volvo


life paint


life paint


2000 cans of LifePaint will be given away at six London and Kent-based bike shops. If the initiative is successful it will be expanded nationally and then worldwide.

Isn’t this innovation stunning? 😉

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A creative self-promotion campaign.

There is a good example of Direct Marketing that shows a non-traditional way to make your personal brand effective.

Nowadays it’s not easy to get a good job, not only in advertising, but also in other fields. Recruiters get thousands of CV’s every day from job seekers. Most recruiters spend few minutes scanning your CV. Only something unusual could attract their attention.

Of course, the first thing you need to do is impress recruiters. So your CV has to be eye-catching and standing out from the crowd, especially for those who are in design or advertising. You have to show that you are creative and full of outstanding ideas, and can come up with something new.

I suggest that you should watch an interesting example of unconventional Direct Marketing that was created by a young advertiser who aimed to communicate directly with the agencies to promote himself . The Direct marketing titled “No Sleep The Wake Up Call” has been done by a young art-director Martin Nørgaard Furze from Denmark, who shows himself as a tireless young creative who never sleeps and is always full of outstanding ideas 24 hours a day.

direct mail


In the video below you can see the guy that puts together a direct mail pieces that he is going to send to agencies in Copenhagen, hoping his job application is impactful and he will get a job of his dream soon.

The direct mail contains: No Sleep pills that can wake you up and allow you to continue working on your projects. Pills promise you a highly-effective mind.

It also includes a CV that looks like a doctor’s medicinal prescription and a business card printed on a pillow with his contacts on the back. All this stuff has been inserted in a number of boxes and he has delivered them on his own to agencies around Copenhagen.

The result is impressive. Just in a few days the mails started to arrive and soon an interview has been lined up and after a month he got a job of his dream.

Watch the video below and share your views.