BMW launched ‘The Moving Billboard’ to get your car ready for winter!

With winter on its way, it’s time to start preparing your vehicle for winter driving. To raise awareness about the benefits of winter tyres, BMW and AIR Brussels created ‘The Moving Billboard.’

Winter weather can be unpredictable and make driving treacherous and stressful. Ice, snow, freezing rain and fog increase the risks on roads. This is where winter tires come into play.

In most EU countries, including Belgium, winter tyres for cars are not mandatory. However, experts recommend you switch your tyres from summer to winter. When the temperature drops below 7°C, even if there is no snow, summer tyres become less efficient and winter tyres are much better adapted to winter conditions as they have special rubber compounds designed to improve traction, handling and braking not only on snow, slush and ice but also on wet and frozen roads.🚘🌨🌧


BMW: The Moving Billboard (via)

To reveal the difference, BMW in partnership with agency Air Brussels have created ‘The Moving Billboard,’ a billboard that tells you about the advantages of winter tyres and demonstrates them.

The idea is as follows: a seemingly ordinary billboard was installed alongside a busy road in Brussels, so when drivers stop in front of a red light, the billboard suddenly starts moving backwards, showing the message on the screen: ‘In winter you would only have stopped here.’ This means that driving a car with winter tyres is less risky and the braking distance is shorter.


Take care of yourselves and others on the road! How about swapping your summer tyres for winter ones? 😉

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IKEA introduces a playful billboard.

This month IKEA has launched an interactive billboard in the subway in its native country to encourage kids and adults to play more together.

Subway station Hötorget in Stockholm has recently turned into an ideal place for cool interactive digital billboards. Just remember the “Coke-moji” ad that recognises a facial expression of passersby and shows their emotions on the screen made by Coca-Cola. It was installed on the same station!

This time IKEA goes further, introducing a new version of a creative game to surprise and bring joy to morning commuters of Stockholm while waiting for their trains. Who of us can resist playing dominos on the interactive billboard? Personally, I think it’s not easy!


What interested me is that as soon as people touch the display, a row of dominos starts falling on the whole screen and then continues via a number of digital billboards in the subway station. It’s simply amazing!


This billboard was done to promote ‘LATTJO’, IKEA new play collection in a funny way. The name of the game wasn’t chosen casually, because LATTJO means fun in Swedish. By the way, we can see the message on the billboard “Have a LATTJO (fun) day!” (in Swedish “Ha en LATTJO dag!”) that invites passersby to join in and play.


The collection was born with the goal to inspire people to play more together, not depending on their ages.

“Play is a universal language, cross borders, cross generations. Through play we connect with each other and build relations – having fun at the same time. And it’s just as important for adults as for children. Research shows that the joy of doing something without a specific purpose, like playing, releases stress and fuel our creativity and imagination.”

Nicolas Cortolezzis,
LATTJO product developer

I find the idea of this billboard stunning because playing makes you feel great! 😉

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Interactive art installation by Google.

For those who love reading Google set up an unusual interactive art installation that turns words into poetry. You can see it on Kings Boulevard in London.

In the world overloaded with information it’s not easy for brands to engage people and maintain interest to the brand activity. They constantly need to create something new and surprise people. If a company wants to communicate and interact with its target audience launching the interactive installation is one of the effective medium that enables visitors to experience the brand and involve them in acting in it, leaving them with a lasting impression.

To promote the upcoming Curious Arts Festival of the Knowledge Quarter’s Google in partnership with students of London’s Central Saint Martins have launched an interactive experience in London.

The installation is called “Poetrics”. It consists of 17 LED panels and microphones.
Using Google’s voice search technology and the Google Speech platform it displays words spoken into various microphones and turns them into randomly created poetry. In other words any passers-by can interact with it. It’s enough to say some words into the installation and then a new poem appears on a digital billboard.

Google Poetrics 1
Google Poetrics (via)
Google Poetrics
Google Poetrics (via)

The installation has been placed around the development site of Google’s new Kings Cross offices in London. You can see and partecipate until March 2016.

A literary techniquewordplay in the installation reminds me a sort of Dada (or Dadaism), an art movement of the European avantgarde in the early 20th century based on irrationality and absurd that influenced many trends in the field of visual art, such as Surrealism.

To my mind this initiative is a good opportunity to make people love poetry, showing the importance and versatility of the language. ☺