Experience amazement with a new Lexus ’Man and Machine’ Super Bowl 2017 ad!

The Lexus ‘Man and Machine’ Super Bowl 2017 ad will definitely inspire you to test-drive this luxury sports coupe!

You might expect the ad which only dazzles you with the stylish and eye-catching latest Lexus model. Instead, the brand decided to do something unusual – by inviting Lil’ Buck, a professional dancer, to perform in its new ‘Man and Machine’ ad to showcase the special bond between a man and his car. To promote the all-new LC 500 and introduce its new global tagline ‘Experience Amazing,’ Lexus invites you to experience the vehicle like never before!👨🚘


Lexus ‘Man and Machine’ (via)

The commercial opens with fast cut shots of Lil’ Buck, who jooks his way to Sia’s song “Move Your Body” from her latest album, and a machine, the new 2017 Lexus LC 500 coupe, depicted along with his dancing. As the ad goes on we see both, a man and machine, on a split screen, showing the parallels between the versatility of human body movements and the power and athleticism of the vehicle.

Machines don’t have emotions,’ says British actress Minnie Driver in the voice-over, ‘But the rare few can inspire them.’ There is nothing better than communicating your emotions through your dance!


Brilliant concept and very good execution! An exciting part of the ad that I like most is where Lil Buck slithering into the Lexus by challenging gravity and when he dances on the walls around the vehicle. Incredible. Isn’t it? 😉

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McDonald’s makes takeaway more convenient.

McDonald’s Hungary developed intelligent design of a take away bag.

Our modern culture is very interested in doing as much as possible in the least amount of time. We live busy lives, spending too much time working or studying. As a result, most people rush through life, eat fast, on the run.

To facilitate consumers to takeaway fries and burgers from the restaurant, McDonald’s with DDB Budapest has invented the BagTray. It is a normal paper bag that easily turns into a tray.

McDonald’s Bag Tray (via)

What you have to do is to tear the perforation at the bottom of the bag to separate a tray. And then you can enjoy your meal on a tray, that allows people to avoid food falling apart, coming apart and slipping apart.

You can make takeaway more convenient wherever you are, in a car, in a park, or in the office. Using this tray, consumers feel more comfortable and can place their meal on the surface without getting messy.


This tray is not only convenient, by contrast with conventional plastic trays, but also is very environmentally friendly. The paper bag and tray are both eco-friendly and recyclable and made from reinforced cardboard and can safely hold a large-sized meal.

This tray is currently being trialled in Hungary and if is successful it can be introduced in other countries.

It’s not the first time McDonald’s has anticipated consumers needs and created something useful for them. It continues amazing people with its brilliant solutions.

What have blank orange billboards been done for?

To understand it better you need to go to Stockholm.

Have you ever considered that brilliant ideas are so obvious that you wonder why they didn’t cross your mind before. The simplest ideas have the greatest impact and surprisingly effective. They are often better understood, memorable and impressive.

There is no need to complicate things. Nowadays we are overfilled with new advertisements full of conspicuous images and overloaded information. And the chance that people remember this ad and rush to buy the product is very small. Though, it’s not an easy task to attract people’s attention.

It’s common knowledge that “All ingenious is simple”. A simple, clear concept is more powerful and carry a strong message that can be recognised in consumer’s eyes. We subconsciously appreciate simplicity.

So “Less is more”. The phrase is often associated with the architect and furniture designer Ludwig Mies Van Der Rohe, a proponent of minimalism. Nowadays this tactic is very actual and is being used in advertising and design.

To my mind, one of the interesting examples of this concept is a campaign that was done by DDB Stockholm for McDonald’s fast-food chain.

McDonalds Double Cheeseburger
McDonald’s (via)

To promote McDonald’s double cheeseburgers, two blank orange billboards are placed next to each other. You can’t see an alluring hamburger or fries with a noticeable headline. Just at the bottom right corner of the billboard you can notice a short line about a product with its price “Double Cheeseburger 20 SEK” .

I think advertisers delivered their concept clearly and concisely. It’s really complicated to make something simple, but very simple to make something complicated.

In conclusion, I would like to mention that McDonald’s has always offered fresh and creative solutions to impress consumers and get them talking about the brand. This campaign has been done to create an interest and to stand out again and again.