The future has finally arrived!

Just think, 30 years has passed but we still remember “Back to the future” movie! As we know, this memorable date is October 21, 2015– that day Marty McFly and Doc Brown travelled to the future in “Back to the Future Part II”.

So, to celebrate “Back to the Future Day” Toyota has released a five–minute commercial and has reunited Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd, the main characters of the movie trilogy.

The commercial called “Fueled by the Future” starts with a narration: “I’m a huge ‘Back to the Future‘ fan, especially all that crazy technology. That’s why I got into science and ended up getting my master’s in aero-mechanical engineering” – showing us a scene from the movie and then a man appears sitting on a sofa watching it on TV.

Back to the future (via)

We recognized Mischa Pollack, a scientist who meets up in the diner with Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd, two of his heroes, in the next scene of the commercial to show them how he could turn their trash into a fuel for a car, just like the Mr. Fusion model generator from the DeLorean in the movie.

After that Mischa returns to his Toyota pickup truck and travels throughout memorable places in the movie such as McFly’s home, Whittier Union High (Hill Valley High) and Courthouse Square collecting garbage to turn it into a fuel.

Toyota (via)
Whittier Union High (via)

I got into my thoughts that in the movie the main character receives Toyota pickup truck as a gift from his parents. But now in the commercial we can see the modern version of Marty’s truck, a fuel-cell sedan powered by hydrogen (remember DeLorean powered by a lightning bolt? ). This truck titled Toyota “Mirai” (means “future” in Japanese) has been presented by Pallock to Fox and Lloyd in the final scene. Doc and Marty get impressed by seeing a new vehicle and they ask Mischa for a test drive!

Toyota Mirai (via)
Toyota Mirai (via)

Another interesting scene that caught my eye is when Fox an Lloyd are eating dinner and discussing which of the movie’s 2015 predictions have come true such as 3D printing, 3D movies and fingerprint technology. The funny element is when Lloyd admits to still using a fax machine! What is more, Fox says he is still really looking forward sneakers that lace themselves up!

I would also like to mention that Toyota commercial is accompanied by background music from the movie that made me quite nostalgic. Let’s watch and enjoy! 🙂


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The revival of Honda illustrations

To celebrate its 65th anniversary Honda has released an amazing 2-minute ad commercial that was done with paper and hands. It’s really worth watching!

It doesn’t seem just a simple ad! Honda doesn’t promote its newest model revealing its benefits or tells about its latest innovation. But on the contrary the commercial invites you to the journey of the evolution of their vehicles through 6 decades from the developing its first engine for bicycles, then progressed to motorsycles, automobiles, F1 racing cars, robotics and jets to its latest developement – Honda Pilot 2016.

What really caught my eye is a stunning idea that crossed Honda creative team minds to realise this remarkable ad.

Everything in the commercial has been created by hand. Engenieers together with advertisers from the agency RPA placed more than 3,000 colour illustrations in front of the camera that were stitched together and shot by PES, a stop-motion genius and Academy Award-nominated. He managed to convert the hand-drawn illustrations into incredible 3D world space.



As you probably know, innovation, engineering, fresh thinking and passion drive Honda’s success through the years and this latest ad proves it very well.

The ad ends with the tagline “You never know where a dream will lead you” giving us the idea of Honda’s constant innovation into the future.

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IKEA offers delicious recipes to try in the kitchen.

It comes to an interesting new idea of a well-known brand of furniture IKEA that turns kitchen into cooking ingredients.

The agency BBH Asia Pacific has created a 60″ commercial with the title “Recipes for delicious kitchens” for IKEA which shows making a kitchen as if it were a recipe for a meal.

This commercial is a metaphor: a ruler stick as if it were a bar of butter, cupboards like red meat, light bulbs like eggs. All these objects that make up the kitchen are the ingredients that are put together in a pan. So you can “cook” your kitchen regarding your personal tastes.

The video is fun and amazing but joking apart, do not try it at home!

To transform your kitchen into a modern and personalized space just use the new IKEA catalogue 2016 which helps you to bring all your fantasies in life. This catalogue reminds me of “IKEA cookbook.” Do you want to use? 😉

Benedict Cumberbatch turns up as Sherlock to solve a mystery…in the Car Ad

Bewitched music, a mysterious voice, a new SUV …all these you can find in the new MG Motors commercial in China … the game is on!

While we are looking forward to a new episode of Sherlock that will return in December we can enjoy seeing him on the commercial. The MG GS SUV made its debut at Shanghai Auto Show where Benedict Cumberbatch had been chosen as the Ambassador because a TV series “Sherlock” is very popular in China.

Benedict Cumberbatch (via)

What I like in this ad campaign most is that you can see the actor in his usual role of Sherlock Holmes. In the ad you can see Cumberbatch do what he is good at: solving complex problems, investigating, using his unique abilities, such as observation and deduction, in order to meet a mystery girl. The new MG GS SUV helps him to reveal the mystery.

MG GS SUV (via)

The commercial starts in a London street where we can see the actor walking along in his blue trench coat. As he is passing a red phone box a sound of telephone ringing attracts his attention. Being curious, he answers it and a female voice on the line asks, “Want to play a game?”.

He takes a car key, looks around and sees an orange MG GS SUV parking alone in the street and comes up to it. As a good detective he notices small details, quickly reads a situation and comes up with a deduction.

So he starts his investigations. On the surface of the car he discovers mud, flower petals and drops of water and in his mind pictures start flashing. Driven by curiosity he gets into the MG GS SUV. Through the commercial you can value the vehicle: comfortable, stylish, dynamic, easy-to-drive off-road both in town and outside.

While driving around London a beatiful girl image appears before his eyes. Then we see Cumberbatch approaching the Tower Bridge and next moment his car in the air successfully landing on the other part of the Tower. Finally, he finds the girl standing by the Tower Bridge. Feeling quite content, he slightly opens a car window and tells her “I could do this all day.”


To my mind it’s a clever idea to promote the vehicle. To engage audience the company used the marketing strategy such as branded entertainment (or branded content) that is considered very effective.

Firstly, brand messages or values are integrated into the content of entertainment (for example, ads, TV shows, video games etc). Brands are more likely to get noticed by film fans instead of just showing the benefits of the product. Secondly, it is non-invasive way of advertising. The characters are not directly trying to sell anything. Thirdly, it allows to create a story that establishes a strong emotional dialogue with the audience. It is very persuasive. Finally, branded content can generate huge media exposure (reach a lot of people) and get the brand noticed. It can go viral.

Do you consider this campaign effective? 🙂

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Another novelty by Volvo – LifePaint.

Automaker Volvo is coming up with another awesome idea: LifePaint, a reflective safety spray that highlights cyclists at night.

life paint by volvo

Cycling has always been dangerous and unsafe. There have been many road accidents and cycling injuries in recent years in the UK.

The “best way to survive a crash is not to crash” is the claim of Volvo’ new campaign. Safety is a major concept of Volvo cars. The brand cares about people both outside and inside a vehicle.

To reduce a risk of accidents Volvo with agency Grey London and Swedish startup Albedo100 has developed a new concept – reflective safety spray called LifePaint that is invisible by daylight, but becomes visible at night and it shines with a soft steady light in the glare of car headlights.

life paint by volvo

The spray has been made to increase visibility of cyclists at night. Spray developers care about safety of cyclists and drivers.

LifePaint is water based, so it washes off and will not affect the color or surface of materials. It can be also used on textile and it can be applied to clothes, shoes, helmets, pushchairs, children’s backpacks and even dog leads and collars and lasts for about one week after application.

To promote this unique concept an online video and invisible black posters, that show the text in the flash of a smartphone were created.


life paint by volvo


life paint


life paint


2000 cans of LifePaint will be given away at six London and Kent-based bike shops. If the initiative is successful it will be expanded nationally and then worldwide.

Isn’t this innovation stunning? 😉

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“Pinch me” campaign from Ted Baker.

A premium British fashion retailer Ted Baker has lanched a new ad campaign titled “Pinch me” for his new Spring/Summer 2015 collection in the UK.

This week Ted Baker has launched the TV Commercial ad called “Pinch me”. It was done by agency Crowns & Owls.

In the video you can see a handsome man that arrives at a mysterious semi-tropical island, where he discovers a fantastical and surreal town, populated by a woman and her clones. Then he runs into a clone of himself and chases after his clone. In the end you can see that his clone escapes from him on the boat, leaving the guy on the beach with clones of the woman. The commercial ends with a message “All is not as it seams…” and a hashtag #Pinch_ me – to make sure a situation is real and you are not imagining it.


The commersial invites viewer to watch it, showing beautiful dresses and outfits, “inspiring your imagination to soak up atmosphere of Ted Baker’s SS15 menswear and womenswear collection.

A fantastic video enables to see the full range of the collection. Ted Baker also launched a “Social Media campaign on his Instagram account (@ted_baker) . Every day, within two weeks one of Ted Baker’s SS15 images will be posted, where you can notice “all is not as it seams…”.

Instagram #Pinch_Me

To understand it better you should see it deeper on the image, using your Instagram filters to find the answer. Then you have to regram it or comment using a hashtag #Pinch_Me to have a chance to win a trip to Portmeirion, where the ad commercial was shot and is also a famous tourist village in Gwynedd, North Wales. The trip includes tickets to Festival Number 6.

This ad campaign is well-done, it offers a creative and original way to promote the SS 15 collection and lets your imagination move in the world of beauty and fashion.  🙂

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An unexpected surprise from Kmart for St. Valentine’s Day.

American chain of discount department stores Kmart created an unexpected advertising commercial to Valentine’s Day to surprise the target audience.

It’s always exciting when brands surprise you. Kmart and ad agency Draft FCB created a new TV commercial to make a perfect St.Valentines’s Day for everyone.

In this spot we can see a young boy who is preparing for St.Valentine’s Day: he is shaving, brushing his tears, dressing up and finally cooking something. Maybe you think it is common for a person to prepare a romantic dinner for somebody who he loves – a girlfriend whose photo you can see by the mirror. But at that moment grandma has come, surprised to see a table that has been set for dinner and a gift – a heart-shaped box of chocolate and a teddy bear with an envelope.


A commercial ends with a voiceover “Give More Love To Everyone in your life on this Valentine’s Day” and hashtag #More Love, telling that you can give love and joy for every person you love. St. Valentine’s day simbolizes romance and love, when people express their feelings of love to each other by giving flowers, chocolates, and sending greeting cards – valentines.

But nowadays this event has become more and more commercialized.

A heart-rending spot from Budweiser during the Super Bowl XLIX.

Budweiser continues to surprise, creating a sequel of the last year’s heart – rending commecial. A new spot is on air during the Super Bowl XLIX games where the main hero is a “Lost dog” puppy, but not a beer.

A famous beer Budweiser in collaboration with agency Anomaly created a sequel of the last year’s heart-rending and sentimental Puppy love story about a labrador’s puppy. And this year a “Lost dog” spot has been launched and has gained a great success. In a few days it has got many Likes , Sharing and became a viral.

Budweiser: Lost Dog (via)

This spot shows a story of a little puppy, that has lost and is looking for a way home. A spot consists of several episodes: at first we can find a lonely puppy hiding in a box from the rain, with eyes full of hope and wishing to find his friends and home soon. He has been separated from his owner and his friends, Clydesdale horses. In the second episode we can see his owner who is posting missing dog flyers, promising a reward for his puppy friend return. And in the end it shows Clydesdale horses rescuing their lost puppy friend from a wolf.

It is a very emotional and heartwarming story, but where is the beer in the ad? This spot concludes just with Budweiser’s hashtag #Best Buds. I wonder, what advertisers keep in mind and what they want to achieve?


It is supposed that the best way to catch people’s attention is to create a story full of empathy and emotions. In my opinion this spot is a metaphor to Budweiser’s brand mission: maintaining strong relationships with consumers, including care, attention, friendship and telling them that the best buds is always with you and never let you down. That creates integrity and increase fidelity to the brand.

This ad touched me to tears. What about you? 😉