Audi has made a ski commercial without snow.

In the Audi’s France latest spot, French professional freeskier Candide Thovex skis down the snowless hill. How? Watch the ad below.

When it comes to car advertising, we often see the vehicle itself in the ad which demonstrates its benefits. It will never cross your mind that there can be something else in the ad. It’s so dull.

But in a 2 minute spot we can see the Audi Quattro only for 20 seconds. Instead, there is Candide Thovex who goes down a mountain at high speeds, skis on grass, gravel, dusty paths in the French countryside with one thing missing – snow. Just at the end of the video we watch him fly into the back of his new Audi Quattro and driving around the hill. It might seem unbelievable but Thovex managed to make it real!

The ad ends with the tagline ‘All conditions are perfect conditions,’ that means driving in Audi Quattro is possible under all kinds of conditions.

Watch the mind-blowing video and share your views. 🙂


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Let’s drive football!

When it comes to innovation in the automotive industry Nissan has always had a leading position. How about its latest technological achievement that enables to control a football game with a car?

As Nissan is the official automotive sponsor of the UEFA Super Cup and UEFA Champions League, the idea to launch a project that focuses on football seems obvious.

Based on the mission to drive football the brand created the “Project Controller” that is “an interactive expedition to turn a Nissan Qashqai into a Pro Evolution Soccer controller and drive football”, in other words it allows gamers to control players in the Pro Evolution 2016 soccer game (PES 2016) on a Sony PlayStation by driving a Qashqai crossover. It’s the world’s first automobile video game controller!

Its website says:

“As you read this, our team of car engineers, gamers and UX designers are exploring the different possibilities for connecting the Nissan driving interface to a Sony PlayStation to create a new way to control Pro Evolution Soccer 2016.”

Project Controller: Driving Football (via)
Project Controller: Driving Football (via)

How it works:

The gamer sits on the driver’s seat and can manage players on a TV screen in PES 2016 video game. In order to pass a ball or shoot a goal gamers have to press the brake pedal or gas pedal. Also they can control the players using a steering wheel and windscreen wipers and direction indicators.

Project Controller: Driving Football
Project Controller: Driving Football (via)

For the first prototype testing the world-leading gaming influencers such as bloggers, vloggers, critics and gamers were invited.


The Project Controller was created by Nissan with agency TBWA, Helsinki and in partnership with UEFA, Sony PlayStation and Konami. It will debut during the UEFA Champions League game between Malmo FF and Paris Saint-Germain on November 25 at Malmö New Stadium, Sweden.

Project Controller: Driving Football (via)

As for me, I find this innovation brilliant. The brand managed to combine technology, gaming and football with driving a real car! It fits perfectly with its core philosophy ‘Innovation That Excites.’ Would you like to test it?

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An awful monster for supercars.

Mercedes-Benz has launched the newest commercial to promote Mercedes-AMG GT, a new sport car, and the best adjective to describe this car is “fearful”.

Mercedes- Benz released a promo commercial where a young boy sleeping in bed is brought to the forefront, dreaming about as if he is on a racing track driving his favourite car.


A commercial doesn’t show clearly what car he is driving, but among the models of his collection that are on the edge of his bed it is easy to recognize a famous silhouette of the 911 Porsche Carrera. Suddenly, a misterious yellow roaring monster appears in the child dream and overtakes a dextereous 911 Porsche car waking up a terrified boy from the nightmare.

The ad ends up with the statement that “The car you dreamed of as a child has just been overtaken” is accompanied by a message that was “Handcrafted by racers. The new Mercedes-AMG GT”.

Mercedes-AMG GT


This amazing ad was created by a German ad agency Jung von Matt/Spree, Germany. The ad campaign will be soon accompanied by print ads, television and online campaign.

The 911 Porsche Carrera is considered to be a masterpiece of German automotive engineering in the German imagination, but in the ad a new Mercedes -AMG GT appears to be more high-powered, making a challenge to other sport cars.

This commercial declares war to other supercar manufacturers and provoke people to think thoroughly of the car of their dream.

And how about your dream? 😉