Renault wishes you a Happy Valentine’s Day with ‘The Postman,’ its first animated spot


Oh yeah! Love is in the air, can you feel it? In honor of Valentine’s Day, Renault has launched its first animated movie to add a touch of romance to your lovey-dovey celebration this February 14th. So let’s watch it!

If there were no words
No way to speak
I would still hear you
If there were no tears
No way to feel inside
I’d still feel for you

And even if the sun refused to shine
Even if romance ran out of rhyme
You would still have my heart
Until the end of time
You’re all I need, my love, my Valentine

Martina McBride,
an American country music singer-songwriter

Renault 'The Postman'

Entitled ‘The Postman‘ and created by The Loft Publicis Conseil, the ad tells a funny story of a postman who falls in love with a girl on his daily postal round and makes some attempts to reach her place for delivery, but all his efforts are futile. The only obstacle standing in his way to the girl of his dreams is her protective noise-sensitive dog that attacks him every time he appears near her house on his noisy vehicle – until one day that radically has changed his life! He takes a set of keys to Renault Kangoo Z.E!

In this 100% Electric, Zero Noise car a postman has been able to come to see his crush freely without disturbing a peaceful sleep of her dog. The spot ends with the tagline ‘Everything starts with an electric moment!’ that can do miracles!

What a smart way to promote the benefits of a car, isn’t it? 😉


Hope you enjoy watching this lovey-dovey ad as much as I enjoyed writing to you about it! 🙂

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IKEA offers delicious recipes to try in the kitchen.

It comes to an interesting new idea of a well-known brand of furniture IKEA that turns kitchen into cooking ingredients.

The agency BBH Asia Pacific has created a 60″ commercial with the title “Recipes for delicious kitchens” for IKEA which shows making a kitchen as if it were a recipe for a meal.

This commercial is a metaphor: a ruler stick as if it were a bar of butter, cupboards like red meat, light bulbs like eggs. All these objects that make up the kitchen are the ingredients that are put together in a pan. So you can “cook” your kitchen regarding your personal tastes.

The video is fun and amazing but joking apart, do not try it at home!

To transform your kitchen into a modern and personalized space just use the new IKEA catalogue 2016 which helps you to bring all your fantasies in life. This catalogue reminds me of “IKEA cookbook.” Do you want to use? 😉

Are you ready to speak in color?

OPI, a famous nail polish brand, has launched a new marketing campaign introducing a new concept – a color as the universal language.

Nowadays nail polish has become a real fashion accessory. You can choose any color shades depending on your mood or season and match any outfit. Brands aim to attract consumers attention through eye-catching images in a number of beauty magazines, ad commercials, fashion runways. And they all want to stand out of the crowd and offer you something new.

So did the Paris’ office of TBWA for OPI that has created a brilliant campaign called “color is the universal language” that includes a TV Commercial Ad, an app, print ads, outdoor advertising and merchandise such as T-shirts, mugs and other promotional items.

OPI Billboard NYC (via)
OPI Billboard Metro (via)
OPI Print Ad (via)

What attracts my attention most is a TV Commercial called “Story of a drop” in which you can’t see the nail product, but just a red nail polish drop that introduces itself as a letter A saying “My mom thinks I’m very classy, but I can also be pretty naughty.” Every color represents 26 letters of the alphabet.

In the ad a range of colors is presented by words and sentences such as “Hello world,” “Happy birthday Grandma,” “Farewell my love” and “Marry me now” and four asterisks that are the part of a word and you can find out which one is yours.


Another interesting idea is a special app called “ColorChat.” It allows to encode messages in OPI nail polish shades. You can just type your message on a standard keyboard on your smartphone and letters or words turn in different colors.

OPI ColorChat (via)
ColorChat (via)

You can also save your masterpiece and send your messages to friends via text, email and social media or share your ColorChat messagges on the OPI Color Wall. If you want to buy something it is possible to shop the OPI nail polish shades directly from the app. It is available for iOS and Android users, so you can test it and have fun! The app has launched worldwide since April 1, 2015.

In my opinion the idea of ColorChat is very powerful and allows to express your emotions in innovative and artistic way. It’s also very unusual to see words or phrases in the shape of colorful nail polish. 🙂

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An unexpected surprise from Kmart for St. Valentine’s Day.

American chain of discount department stores Kmart created an unexpected advertising commercial to Valentine’s Day to surprise the target audience.

It’s always exciting when brands surprise you. Kmart and ad agency Draft FCB created a new TV commercial to make a perfect St.Valentines’s Day for everyone.

In this spot we can see a young boy who is preparing for St.Valentine’s Day: he is shaving, brushing his tears, dressing up and finally cooking something. Maybe you think it is common for a person to prepare a romantic dinner for somebody who he loves – a girlfriend whose photo you can see by the mirror. But at that moment grandma has come, surprised to see a table that has been set for dinner and a gift – a heart-shaped box of chocolate and a teddy bear with an envelope.


A commercial ends with a voiceover “Give More Love To Everyone in your life on this Valentine’s Day” and hashtag #More Love, telling that you can give love and joy for every person you love. St. Valentine’s day simbolizes romance and love, when people express their feelings of love to each other by giving flowers, chocolates, and sending greeting cards – valentines.

But nowadays this event has become more and more commercialized.