Sweet billboard.

The food brand Cantinho Doce has found an interesting solution to promote its Candy Festival in Brazil. Let’s have a look!

We love sweets because they make us feel good and eating candy or other treats can boost our spirits and have a positive effect on our mood.

Knowing that, Cantinho Doce with the help of the agency Quadrante Advertising have come up with a brilliant idea – a sweet billboard for the Candy Festival that was held this September in Brazil. I’m sure, you couldn’t have missed it if you had stayed there!

This billboard was decorated with 16 giant bonbons looking appetizingly and colorfully wrapped which were to grab your attention and burn with desire to taste them.

Cantinho Doce: Candy Festival
Cantinho Doce: Candy Festival (via)

The design of the billboard is quite simple but very effective because a simplicity often can be the most impactful and persuasive communication tool to engage interest of the audience. As Leonardo da Vinci said, ‘Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.’

This billboard would certainly have caught my eye if I had been in Brazil. 😉

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