Statue for beer lovers.

Brand 34, the first Georgian craft beer has made an unconventional gift to surprise their target audience.

Most Georgians strongly believe that everything that is made in Giorgia is cheap and crappy, especially when it comes to beer.

However, 34 is entering the market as a high quality beverage hoping to grab the experienced beer fanatics attention, people who love beer too much and can really appreciate it.

To persuade the audience to buy its product, that is not just another Giorgian product, the brand 34 with ad agency Leavingstone have created an outstanding campaign.

They launched 34 beer and started to sell it at a shocking price tag, 34 Laris a bottle (17 USD), that is 20 times as much as normal price.

34 Beer (via)

This strange offer aroused people’s interest. Driven by curiosity they started buying it.

Within five days, 34 and Leavingstone tracked each purchase and got prepared for the grand finale of the event. They unveiled three personal statues of the first heroes to buy 34. They made them as a surprise to honor people who love beer very much.

Beer 34: Statue (via)

These sculptures represent each beer lover with a large mug in the hand. The sculptures have become new local landmarks and have been put up in Tbilisi city center.

These men were amuzed to see themselves. This memorable surprise touched the heart of every beer lover in the country.


Launching a new brand is always very challenging. Living in a competitive world the brand has come up with new fresh ideas and strategies offering outstanding solutions to succeed.

What I like in this campaign is that company has created something special to their target audience and has become closer to them.

Let wish them luck! Fortune favours the brave, doesn’t it?

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