Sephora presented the first ever live face projection mapping show.

Several months ago in Spain Sephora created its marvelous digital campaign to launch Kat Von D Beauty makeup line. Let’s take a look at how woman’s face turns into an incredible real-time face projection mapping. It can simply blow your mind!

Nowadays projection mapping (also known as video mapping and spatial augmented reality) has become a real phenomenon. This new artistic technique, that allows to transform any surface of buildings or objects into a dynamic video display, can often be seen at live events, such as concerts, theatrical performances, fashion shows and even some face projection mapping videos. Just remember these tremendous kaleidoscopic interactive projections on the Sydney Opera House at the Australian festival of lights, the incredible 3D projection mapping on the facade of Moscow’s Bolshoi Theater at the ‘Circle of Light’ Moscow International Festival or more recently held a live-streamed projection on the Eiffel Tower for the UN climate change conference 2015 and Omote, the spot where a model’s face turns into the projection mapped digital makeup. Simply stunning!

Live face projection mapping (via)

An Interactive Experiential Agency Wildbytes stood out from the rest. It took the projection mapping to the next level adding a completely new element to live performances. What made Wildbytes particularly remarkable is that it managed to create the world’s first face projection mapping performance that was showcased at a live event in which you could discover how projected visual effects and digital makeup transformed the face of the tattoo artist Kat Von D live on stage in front of a crowded audience. It demonstrated, thereby, Kat Von D´s process of artistic creation of her makeup line. All in real-time and no post-production added.

Live face projection mapping (via)

According to Wildbytes’ website, the agency created a live face projection mapping show where ‘the projector renders a 3D model of the performer on stage, and using a 5-camera head tracking system, it follows the face movements of the performer in real-time, at 240 frames per second. This creates a second layer of ever-evolving visual effects that are overlaid on top of the skin, augmenting it in real-time.’

Live face projection mapping (via)

To launch this live digital makeup performance, the agency designed an integrated campaign ‘to activate the tattoo artist fan base in Spain, and boost awareness around Kat Von D Beauty: Influencers, unboxings, social contests and other pieces were part of the master plan. They all drove massive attention to the launch.’

Live face projection mapping (via)

The live face projection was amazing! I got amazed to see Kat Von D’s face changing. Her face transformed into flowers, butterflies, and other patterns using this digital makeup technique. 🙂

Have a nice watching! Seeing is believing! 🙂


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49 thoughts on “Sephora presented the first ever live face projection mapping show.

  1. We saw something similar in Florence Italy, it was absolutely breathtaking. Digital mapping will take video and film to a whole nother level esp with Face projection mapping. So beautiful. Loved it apart from the flowers growing out of the face, that was spooky lol!

  2. I love Sephora! They used to have stores in the Netherlands. But now they don’t anymore. Unfortunately. As soon as I’m on holiday in another country, I look for a Sephora :). I like the Kat von D beauty line. Still planning on buying something of it. This live face projection mapping amazing. It’s so unique! I really love the part with the flowers. It looks amazing.

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