Recharge Yourself.

Samsung is promoting its new ad campaign in Belgium to launch its latest Samsung Galaxy S6 main feature – wireless charging.

Using wireless chargers is becoming very popular. Some brands such as Starbucks, McDonald’s and Ikea have already offered their consumers wireless solutions to recharge their smartphones. Not to be outdone by them the latest Samsung Galaxy S6 device is also charged without a wire.

Now people can do without wires and they don’t need them anymore. So what can you do with all these wire chargers? Leo Burnett, Brussels, Belgium got inspired with a new idea – to turn them into real design objects. These objects you can use to recharge… yourself.

Samsung Recharge Yourself (via)

In particular, to get rid of wire chargers the company collected thousands of useless chargers. They offered some recycling solution. Unused cables have been used to create hammocks and chairs to get refreshed and relaxed after having a rest.

Samsung Recharge Yourself (via)

To create each chair they used more than 150 chargers and more than 3 km of wire in total. All these objects have been made for public use and enyone could use them.


In my opinion, the concept of recycling is essential in our modern world. Today’s consumers are obsessed with new technology. And when some items become redundant and obsolete they quickly replace them with new ones.

Instead of throwing all this stuff away, let’s reuse or recycle it! It’s a good idea because it helps to save natural resourses and keep environment clean.

25 thoughts on “Recharge Yourself.

  1. Yes I love that they are promoting the non-wastage of old technology because at the end of the day global warming is in force and we could help minimize the consequences by ‘recharging’ the old tech.

  2. I like this idea a lot! I hope that it becomes the standard because those cords are so annoying to bring everywhere you go. I think it is a great public service to offer.

  3. I’ve got loads of spare wires at home so I’d have happily donated some to this project! Great idea though I do wonder if those hammocks are comfortable?! haha

  4. Haha that is such a cool idea to make hammocks out of them! I would love one of the wireless chargers! So handy, my husband and I both have the S6 edge+ so it would be pretty good to have in this house

  5. Love the ideas in the post especially the chairs. Technology has made our lives so much easier but it has also complicated them. I have absolutely panicked when I discover I have forgotten my charger at home when we have gone away on weekend. Everything is going wireless nowadays – why not chargers.

  6. I have to admit I am impressed with this campaign Samsung is doing to promote the Galaxy S6 cell phone. The wireless charging is indeed an awesome feature and the thought of recycling the cords into recharging ourselves is excellent. Thanks for sharing the campaign.

  7. What an awesome campaign. I really like what they’ve been promoting. It’s really more hassle free to be able to charge wirelessly! It’s a really good feature.

  8. Wow, I love recycling ideas! Never heard that Samsung can participate in giving balance to the ecology!

  9. I never thought I’d be obsessed w/technology. I had a flip phone forever. I upgraded though to a smart phone though, finally and I can see the allure.

  10. Wireless chargers have become a trend these days & the Samsung’s new ad campaign to launch Samsung Galaxy S6 sounds very much interesting. This is going to be so helpful for many when you have such options at public places.

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