Put your stuff back to work!

This is the title of the Goodwill’s new public service advertisements (PSAs) for the US aiming to encourage people #DonateStuffCreateJobs.

You might have heard of Goodwill (or Goodwill Industries International, Inc.), a network of 164 independent non-profit charitable organizations governed by a voluntary board of directors, operating in the United States, Canada and 13 other countries including South Korea, Venezuela, Brazil and Italy. Goodwill’s mission is to provide job training, employment placement and other community-based services for all job seekers (yourth, seniors, veterans, people with disabilities and other specialized needs) who face employment challenges by selling donated clothing and household goods to Goodwill Retail Stores and shop online. 👠🎸💻

Goodwill: Stiletto (via)

To spread the word about its concept Goodwill in partnership with the Ad Council and ad agency VML  New York that created this project pro bono, have launched a new PSA campaign showing people that everybody can do the best to help those in need. It makes all the difference with a simple action.

Goodwill: Guitar (via)

In the spot you can see a series of images that shows miniature figurines in action that are occupied in a variety of skilled jobs, alongside life-size donated items that can help fund job training and placement opportunities in your community. The spot ends with the tagline, “Donate Stuff. Create Jobs.” and direct you to visit Goodwill website to find the nearest Goodwill donation center.


I find this initiative great. The best thing we all can do is help others reach their dreams. What do you think of it? 😉

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41 thoughts on “Put your stuff back to work!

  1. This is awesome – a great marketing campaign, and a heartwarming initiative to be a part of right before the holidays. It’s a good feeling to clear unused belongings out of your house when you’re bringing home new gifts you’re excited about, and to know that those donations will have a new life (and create jobs, apparently!) once you’ve let go of them.

  2. Ciao Eugenia, esattamente la penso come te. Uno spot che ci insegna soprattutto a noi giovani di non arrendersi mai per costruire il proprio futuro in quanto piano piano tramite delle formazioni per prepararsi al meglio magari a riuscire a realizzare le proprie aspirazioni.

  3. I love this video idea and the message behind it. I especially love the mini people and the guitar! What a great cause helping people who struggle to find work. Inspiring! Ree love30

  4. I love the idea of this video! It is great and really gets to the heart of a big issue in the States. That we should help others. Hopefully it will impact everyone who sees it.

  5. When it comes it comes to goodwill, I have a negative standpoint. They treat people with disabilities poorly. They found a loophole, and are only giving a person who is blind, a dollar an hour. A person who can’t use their hands, a 1.50 an our. Or an extremely low hourly pay. I advocate for people with disabilities and this is my standpoint on it.

    Type in YT “goodwill exploits its worker for penny wages” if you want to learn more.

  6. This is a pretty interesting idea. It’s a great day way of spreading messages and ideas across in a meaningful and more importantly connecting manner. The video seems very impressive.

  7. I think Goodwill is doing great work. And it’s a great advertisement to make more people aware of what they’re doing. I love the miniature figurines. It’s so original and it looks fun. The motto “Donate Stuff. Create Jobs.” is great. I like it. Hopefully many people will donate.

  8. That’s one of the things I love about the Goodwill. You are putting people to work by both donating stuff and shopping there.


  9. It’s a beautiful ad! I love that the message comes across so clearly! It’s really entertaining as well. How amazing!

  10. This is a perfect time to remind people that even their pre-loved items can make someone’s day for the holidays. What a cute way to get people to donate! I love Goodwill and have always been impressed with the organization even when I was a child. Great job on the marketing!

  11. molto bello il video spot ma soprattutto molto interessante e innovativa l’iniziativa! Non la conoscevo e adesso vorrei approfondire per capire come prendere parte all’iniziativa ed essere di aiuto al progetto

  12. Mad respect and mad love to you eugenia for this campaign and your promotion of it. I LOVE the message statement of this initiative and I’m all about giving back. The best marketing for me is when companies donate and encourage that giving nature.

  13. This is a really good marketing campaign with a powerful message. It’s important that awareness is raised and such initiatives are created. Great of you to share it.

  14. What a great initiative and a good ad! Oh I wish we have Goodwill Stores here in Manila. Or perhaps an equivalent.. what would it be?

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