Public Service Ad (PSA)

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Along with commercial advertising there is the other tipe of advertisment – a Public Service Ad (PSA)

The goal of PSA is to attract a public interest, as well as to change public opinion on a social issue and raise awareness to a problem.

Customers of this kind of advertising are State authorities (ex. State, charity funds), social organizations, non-profit organizations, those who don’t use advertising in commercial purposes to enlarge sales, but they focus on a promotion of initiatives towards social issues and changing society behavior and value.

PSA makes people pay attention to serious problems,  such as drug, tobacco and alcohol abuse. This message focus on everyday life, defendance of ethnic groups, health and illness prevention (AIDS, tumour) and our planet and environment protection.

One thought on “Public Service Ad (PSA)

  1. Va assolutamente fatta questo tipo di pubblicità, lo stato promuove queste iniziative e dovrebbe maggiormente contrastare l’utilizzo di fumo o droghe, che dilagano sempre di più. La pubblicità sociale fa molto effetto su chi non ha dipendenze, mi auguro che aiuti davvero e faccia effetto su chi
    la dipendenza ce l’ha.

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