Public interest ads against harassment in the workplace.

The Ministry of Labour in Brazil has launched a powerful print ad campaign to fight harassment at work.

The workplace is one of the most important social space where people spend a lot of time. It is essential that companies should create friendly work environment, so that employees can be effective and productive and enjoy what they are doing.

A positive workplace is characterised by respect that supports employee engagement. It also creates a high performance culture that encourages innovation and creativity. Engaged employees are considered to be more motivated and committed.

People who are harassed may suffer distress, anxiety, depression and other serious psychological problems which make them feel unhappy and hate the thought of going to work. They lose confidence. All these affect their work productivity. People make mistakes due to their lack of concentration and motivation.

The Ministry of Labour in Brazil in collaboration with ad agency Escala has created series of print ads aiming to prevent negative work environment and harassment. They also focus on attracting public interest to the problem.

Organogram 1 (via)
Organogram 2 (via)

In all ads work space with an employer and employees accompanied by powerful messages are shown. There are different types of moral harassment that can occur in the workplace such as isolating, threatening, minimazing the potential of employees and offending them, calling them by nicknames like door, briefcase, whale, turtle, donkey and clown.

Organogram 3 (via)
Organogram 4 (via)

At the end of each ad you can see a message “if your boss only respects the organogram, report it”.

It means that if you are harassed or bullied and your boss says nasty things and uses physical violence you should defend your rights and contact an employment lawyer immediately. He can help explain the law and assert your rights in court if needed.

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33 thoughts on “Public interest ads against harassment in the workplace.

  1. I’ve seen this ad last year and it really blew my mind. I didn’t think of harassment that way but once you realize it, that’s really how it works in an office. It’s an eye-opener. Very nice.

  2. Wow this is a different perspective of harassment! And there are so many more ways there are subliminal harrassment in the corporate world. So happy I freelance now and away from these things!

  3. Well there is also a difference between “boss” and “leader”. And this post describes my first boss. Couldn’t do anything about it though.

  4. Workplace is the place, where people spend most of the time of the day. Harassment in workplace may lead to a lot of serious concerns as mentioned here like depression, anxiety, which may further lead to nervous breakdown as well.

  5. What an interesting campaign. I’m sure a lot of harassment goes under the radar, especially in large companies. It’s good that they are getting the word out to stop it.

  6. Very interesting campaign. I work very difficult in an office, especially full of too many people. Probably one of the reasons I’ve been working as a freelancer for so long 🙂

  7. Those other types of harassment sound more like bullying to me. It’s amazing how stuff like this can happen in an adult, professional environment. Goes to show you just how shallow many people can be.

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