Pop-Up bathroom from Palmolive.

A creative Ambient marketing campaign by Palmolive has been launched these days in the streets in Vienna to surprise people and make them keep hands clean.

Bacteria, germs, flu are attacking everybody from all sides, but what do you need to do? ( from German – “Schmutz, bakterien, grippe, aber was tun?”)- appears from the message in the video. If you’re on the go, you often forget how important it is to keep your hands clean, even though, it is difficult to maintain sterile conditions during the day. Hand hygiene is necessary to avoid spreading germs in everyday life. So what about a possibility to wash hands at any time in any place?

Palmolive with Austrian agency Agency4e7 have found original solution. They developed a special pop-up bathroom that suddenly appears near a person only when needed in the streets in Vienna.

Just imagine the situation – you have neither a tissue or an hand gel. In this case a portable wash basin would be an effective and useful solution to wash dirty hands.


The pop-up bathroom it’s an interesting way for the brand to gain popularity and it is an effective method to engage people to try its products. It is a good example of how unconventional marketing ideas can surprise and impresse people using simple methods and at low budget.

16 thoughts on “Pop-Up bathroom from Palmolive.

  1. I love how the people smile when they realize that it’s for them. How convenient would this be, right? It’s such a nice way to promote a product, good job Palmolive!

  2. This pop up bathroom from Palmolive is indeed an awesome idea. It is truly a great way to promote the product and promote good hygiene as well. Thanks for sharing this awesome marketing campaign.

  3. Sounds like a wonderful campaign from by Palmolive to make sure our hands are clean any time thus avoiding spreading of germs that causes harmful diseases. It is surely a creative idea to reach out to customers to try out their products.

  4. haha that’s awesome. I love that people look shocked but then use it anyway. I would find this super handy out in public, especially with kids! Jackie (Organised Mum Life)

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