“Pinch me” campaign from Ted Baker.

A premium British fashion retailer Ted Baker has lanched a new ad campaign titled “Pinch me” for his new Spring/Summer 2015 collection in the UK.

This week Ted Baker has launched the TV Commercial ad called “Pinch me”. It was done by agency Crowns & Owls.

In the video you can see a handsome man that arrives at a mysterious semi-tropical island, where he discovers a fantastical and surreal town, populated by a woman and her clones. Then he runs into a clone of himself and chases after his clone. In the end you can see that his clone escapes from him on the boat, leaving the guy on the beach with clones of the woman. The commercial ends with a message “All is not as it seams…” and a hashtag #Pinch_ me – to make sure a situation is real and you are not imagining it.


The commersial invites viewer to watch it, showing beautiful dresses and outfits, “inspiring your imagination to soak up atmosphere of Ted Baker’s SS15 menswear and womenswear collection.

A fantastic video enables to see the full range of the collection. Ted Baker also launched a “Social Media campaign on his Instagram account (@ted_baker) . Every day, within two weeks one of Ted Baker’s SS15 images will be posted, where you can notice “all is not as it seams…”.

Instagram #Pinch_Me

To understand it better you should see it deeper on the image, using your Instagram filters to find the answer. Then you have to regram it or comment using a hashtag #Pinch_Me to have a chance to win a trip to Portmeirion, where the ad commercial was shot and is also a famous tourist village in Gwynedd, North Wales. The trip includes tickets to Festival Number 6.

This ad campaign is well-done, it offers a creative and original way to promote the SS 15 collection and lets your imagination move in the world of beauty and fashion.  🙂

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3 thoughts on ““Pinch me” campaign from Ted Baker.

  1. Interessante campagna pubblicitaria. La Crowns & Owls è un’agenzia davvero seria e ha compreso perfettamente come coinvolgere i clienti. Comunque, vincere un viaggio in questa bellissima località e partecipare al festival è davvero un’idea fantastica perché chi non lo vorrebbe 😀

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