Who would like to have a homemade pizza?

This question you can hear passing an interactive billboard in Amsterdam. It invites people to order a pizza according to their personal taste and directly with the chef of the restaurant! Did you get interested in it? Nowadays interactive billboards have become an increasingly popular part of the media mix that allows to build strong […]

The interactive billboard that can turn your day into joy.

You will hardly be able to find a billboard that recognises your mimic facial expressions. It can wink and smile with you. Coca-Cola knows how to amaze people and bring a smile to their faces. It has always tried to offer not just a simple soft drink, but something more, like a joy or a […]

Interactive art installation by Google.

For those who love reading Google set up an unusual interactive art installation that turns words into poetry. You can see it on Kings Boulevard in London. In the world overloaded with information it’s not easy for brands to engage people and maintain interest to the brand activity. They constantly need to create something new […]

Let people walk in their future.

Point. P, the number one building and decorating seller in France, has come up with innovative solution to help its consumers see their future architecture project, a Custom House. The main difficulty before starting remodelling or renovating a house is to foresee the final result. And even catalogs are not of great help. For Point. […]

Have you heard of Ticket Books that work as subway tickets?

Brazilian pocket book publisher L&PM created a collection of Ticket Books that doubled as free subway tickets to get people read more. People are always busy, they are always in a hurry and they can hardly find any time to read. Unless they read on the way. To celebrate World Book Day and encourage people […]

Recharge Yourself.

Samsung is promoting its new ad campaign in Belgium to launch its latest Samsung Galaxy S6 main feature – wireless charging. Using wireless chargers is becoming very popular. Some brands such as Starbucks, McDonald’s and Ikea have already offered their consumers wireless solutions to recharge their smartphones. Not to be outdone by them the latest […]

Billboards that make you sweat.

Powerade has introduced the world’s first interactive billboards that invite people to join in testing their physical strength. They have been set on the streets of Berlin. Billboards are considered to be the most common examples of Outdoor Advertising. They are designed to grab people’s attention and create a memorable impression very quickly, leaving people […]

Net-A-Porter has launched the Net Set.

Net-A-Porter, a luxury clothing retailer, has launched the Net Set, a social network for people who love fashion and style. The Net Set is an app that combines a fashion community and a social shopping network. It allows users to share their style, build their own profile so that other users can find, follow them […]

Audi has made a next generation brochure: Audi TT brochure hack.

The German automotive giant created an interactive Audi TT brochure hack that inspires you with the futuristic feature. Audi is well-known for its attractive design, high-quality materials and impeccable build quality. And is also known for progressive engineering that focuses on innovative and intelligent technology that anticipates drivers’ needs. The Audi’s latest innovation is the […]