No tricks, just treats and wine!

In celebration of the upcoming Halloween, the popular wine app Vivino, has released a special guide for adults that helps them to find out how to pair their favourite candy with the right wine.

We are used to pairing food with wine. You know, a carefully selected wine enhances the flavour and enjoyment of both the wine and the meal on the table, doesn’t it? However, choosing the right wine to complement any food is not easy. So in the restaurant industry, wine waiters are often at hand to make wine pairing recommendations for each dish on the menu for guests.

Why not try some chocolate and red wine as an alternative? Thanks to Vivino, an app for wine lovers, you can easily learn what kind of wine would be suitable for your favourite candies and chocolate bars. What you need is a “Halloween survival guide for adults” in which you can find a list of 14 Halloween treats and tips on how to match them with wine.

According to Vivino, the fruity flavour such as Starburst goes well with sweet white or light red, while chocolate M&M’s candies that melt in the mouth, not in the hands, melts nicely with medium red and bold red.

A helpful tool, isn’t it? Happy Halloween. 🙂

To find out more, check out the infographic below.

candy and wine matchmaker
Vivino “Halloween Survival guide for adults” (via)

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10 thoughts on “No tricks, just treats and wine!

  1. Questo sì che è interessante! Io amo le caramelle ed amo anche il vino. Trovo che la dolcezza ed il gusto particolare delle caramelle si sposi bene con del vino. Utile è capire come abbinarli insieme, soprattutto dato che non sono affatto un’intenditrice di vini!

  2. Halloween e vino sono un’accoppiata vincente se abbinati al giusto dolce! Non conoscevo la app (aaargh, imperdonabile dal momento che scrivo di vino da un po’!). Grazie per avermela fatta conoscere.

  3. Happy Halloween!!
    i had no idea there was such a popular app for wine. Vivino sounds great & the candy collaboration is awesome. My mom and sis are super duper wine lovers, they’ll love this post too.

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