Nivea has created a billboard that is underwater.

The underwater billboard has been set up in the United Arab Emirates to promote Nivea sunscreen.

Every year thousands of tourists visit the UAE to enjoy the perpetual sun, turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean and beautiful white sand. This place is considered to be perfect for snorkeling as there are some world-class snorkeling destinations.

Snorkeling is one of the most popular great fun and relaxing water activity. It gives the opportunity to observe sea life in the natural habitat. What you need to do is to have a good snorkel and goggles that allow to stay underwater long hours watching exotic fish, reefs and corals.

But while you are snorkeling, your head and back are exposed to the sun for a long time. This exposure with the magnifying sun effect of the water is dangerous and can cause sun burn or even skin cancer. A sunscreen can protect you from getting burned while snorkeling.

All snorkelers remember to put on their fins and masks. But almost 70% of them forget to put enough sunscreen on the most exposed part of their body – their back.

Nivea Sun. Underwater Billboard (via)

To remind snorkelers to protect their back Nivea Sun with FCB Hamburg came up with an interesting idea. They developed a tailor-made and hand-crafted underwater Billboard using only materials from the sea itself such as stones, shells that are considered to be eco-friendly.


The billboard has been placed on the ocean floor so that snorkelers can notice it and see the message “Protect your back“. Once people have got the message it has become there as an artifical reef attracting fascinating sea life for future snorkelers to enjoy. Thanks to this reminder, snorkelers can spend more time in the sun and have the holiday of a lifetime.

So enjoy your holidays!


18 thoughts on “Nivea has created a billboard that is underwater.

  1. I never used to wear sunscreen because with my complexion I don’t burn in the sun but I worked at a summer camp for a few years and put sun screen on each time with the kiddos to set a good example. It’s just as important to protect from cancerous rays as it is from sunburn

  2. That is soooo cool! What a random thing to find while snorkling, and man does your back ever get burnt snorkling so that is perfect to drill into them.

  3. Wow! This sounds so funny – an underwater billboard! I’m a heavy user of sunscreens, I gget burnt so easily. Great place to advertise and get a new (probably a new) target group: snorklers and divers.

  4. Nivea got really created when creating that underwater billboard. I am surprised a lot of others companies don’t jump on board the underwater billboard train.

  5. Wow…this is so very very cool…and it makes sense too. It won’t come as a shock to see other companies quickly copying this idea

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