Nike has launched “Instaposters” campaign on the streets of Moscow.

Nike continues to surprise me. This summer it created an incredible guerrilla marketing campaign in Moscow using Instagram in combination with the art in real time. Let’s see it in details.

As you know pictures are often worth a thousand words, provoke emotions and raise greater interest in people. With the arrival of the internet and social network to take and share photos has become very easy. And Instagram is a great photographic tool that allows you to share your moments of everyday life, what you like, what inspires and surprises you with friends quickly.

So Nike with Instinct ad agency, Moscow has created a series of giant posters in street art during his global campaign #BetterForIt. The novelty of this campaign is as follows: selfies of real active women (not professional athletes ) who love and do sports were searched from their Instagram feed and then were placed on the streets of Moscow.

Nike instaposters
Nike instaposters (via)

In particular, women action selfies (while they were doing sports ) were turned into stencil art, or a form of graffiti that is known and has become famous all over the world thanks to the British street artist Banksy.

Nike Instaposters (via)
Nike Instaposter
Nike Instaposters (via)
Nike Instaposters (via)
Nike Instaposters (via)

It was a surprise when images of women were shared on Instagram with their girlfriends presented next to posters on the streets, it was done in real time. Of course, before doing this surprise Nike contacted women’s friends to avoid problems related to the privacy.

nike instaposters 2
Nike Instaposters (via)

This action has had so much success that motivated more women to post their action selfie on Instagram. It resulted in sharing more than 27,000 photos on Instagram with the hashtag #BetterForIt and more than 3 million people have seen Instaposter on the city streets during the Nike Women marathon that was held in June in Moscow.

For me Nike represents a real example of an endless creativity that inspires people to be more active in life, face up to problems, take up the challenge growing more and more professionally and being always in line with their “BetterForIt “☺

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  1. Hi ! my name is Ninediop. I just go around to some post about Instaposter and what a surprise i find you. Actually, i find your post that very detail and i love it. My favorite work is find something interesting about Marketing to share, so if you don’t mind because i already translate and share it in my website. Thanks for excellent work you do!
    I think may be you want to take a look NIKE “Instaposters” trên các đường phố nước Nga

  2. I never would have imagined that this ad is from Nike. But then again, they are very creative when it comes to their ads! That’s quite an amazing concept!

  3. Lately it seems like advertising campaigns involving the consumer have been doing well and getting a lot of other press. It probably costs be company less to do it this way too.

  4. I really like what Nike did on their instagram post. I really find it funny and very interesting, it will surely catch every person attention.

  5. Very fun, empowering and creative idea on behalf of Nike! I love it and wish they did it in U.S! I’d love to see other ladies showcased like this!

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