Neuroth has introduced the first Hearing Test Concert.

Austrian hearing aid company Neuroth has held the first hearing test that might be really enjoyable.

Millions of people in the world suffer hearing loss. It increases as you get older. Repeated exposure to loud noises over time causes hearing loss, especially, when people work with noisy equipment such as pneumatic drills or compressed-air hammers, regularly listen to music at a high volume through headphones and when there is loud music at concerts and nightclubs. Often some of them aren’t even aware of the fact that they have problems hearing.

To raise awareness of hearing loss problem FCB Zurich and Neuroth have created the “Hearing Test Concert“, a live classical music concert to make hearing test more enjoyable.

Neuroth. Hearing Test Concert (via)

According to specialists classical music is magical treatment for our body and soul. The second part of the famous Fifth Symphony doctors call “music of a healthy heart” and it is especially recommended to listen.

This unusual event took place at the Bern Concert Hall in Switzerland where the renowned orchestra played pieces of Beethoven’s fifth symphony. They simulated using the corresponding music in order to create the high-and-low frequencies and loud-and-silent parts of a traditional hearing test.

Participants were given cards to mark exactly which parts they had trouble hearing. During the break Neuroth audiologists collected and analyzed the cards and participants could receive a personal consultation.

The event had a positive effect. In one day a total of 1,100 people took a hearing test. Then 428 follow-up appointments were made, a full media campaign was built arount the event. Three month later over 2,400 hearing tests were conducted and more than 1,200 hearing aids were sold.


Nowadays advertisers should think of new techniques to appeal to consumers. To my mind it’s not enough to motivate people to purchase the product and increase sales, but to help people to find a solution to their health problem.

31 thoughts on “Neuroth has introduced the first Hearing Test Concert.

  1. This is a very innovative way of testing hearing in the aging population. I also think it would work for disabled individuals who cannot do well in a standard testing environment.

  2. That is incredible. What a fascinating idea, especially since Beethoven did some of his best composition when he was deaf. I would have loved to have been to that concert.

  3. That’s really amazing. Who would want to miss a hearing test as grand as this! It’s really relaxing and beautiful. Smart move in using music for this hearing test.

  4. That is an important cause to raise money for… My grandfather lost partial hearing and it altrered so many things for him.

  5. Wow, what a great and creative concept for hearing tests! I love it – I think it would be much more accurate than the traditional “beeping” tests, plus for sure much more enjoyable.

  6. This is amazing! My husband has had hearing aids since his teens. It’s difficult to live with, but we make it work. It’d be interesting to attend a hearing test concert together to really see how our hearing differs.

  7. This is definitely a really unique way of checking if a hearing aid works. I had a great Uncle who was hearing impaired and I wished that he was able to try this out. I don’t know what I would do if I couldn’t hear properly.

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