Net-A-Porter has launched the Net Set.

Net-A-Porter, a luxury clothing retailer, has launched the Net Set, a social network for people who love fashion and style.

The Net Set is an app that combines a fashion community and a social shopping network. It allows users to share their style, build their own profile so that other users can find, follow them and connect with other people that share their views.

The app also gives a possibility to follow designers, brands and popular trends to keep up with their activity and shop online. What distinguishes the Net Style is that users collect “Admirers” instead of “Like” and “Followers”.

Being curious I decided to test this app. After downloading the app I was encouraged to sign in with Net-a-Porter account or register a new one to get an access. I was amazed to find that the app is for invitation only. After the registration you receive an e-mail with invitation code that you need to insert to get started the app. You can also request an invitation from the Net Set website.

the Net Set
the Net Set (via)

The app is easy to use and full of different options. You can build a personal Love List with your fashion items, take pictures of items you like in stores or in magazine, then upload them to your feed or select a product directly from the Net-a-Porter catalog. It is possibile to double tap images on other people’s feeds to add them to your own list.

If you like a product you can buy it immediately. In case it isn’t available, the app features a special image recognition technology that find a similar item that you might enjoy. The app provides global delivery to 170 countries and the same-day delivery in Manhattan, London and Hong Kong.

the Net Set (via)

Another option that I find very useful is that you can select your personal Style Council, including a group of fashion experts and icons whose style you admire. It’s close as if you go shopping alongside them.

It is also possible to find and join Style Tribes based on your personal tastes such as The Bohemians, Double Denim, Power Prints and many others that best represent you.

The Net Set has been available since May 13th and now is for iOS users: iPad, iPhone, and even the Apple Watch. Android launch is planning soon.

Below you can see a teaser promo video and a launch video. The first is to inspire you with this latest trend and the second is to see it in action.


In my opinion, the idea of launching a fashion social network is very cutting-edge. It allows consumers to have more direct conversations with favourite brands. It is the chance for brands to know more about their target audience, their tastes based on content they upload and engage them in personal way.

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  1. that sounds like a great app to have if you’re into fashion and/or want to get ideas of different clothing styles out there. Thanks for sharing! #happydiaries

  2. Not really a fashion person but your write-up on this is perfect so I will share this and refer friends to read through this as it’s a good one to have…

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