McDonald’s makes takeaway more convenient.

McDonald’s Hungary developed intelligent design of a take away bag.

Our modern culture is very interested in doing as much as possible in the least amount of time. We live busy lives, spending too much time working or studying. As a result, most people rush through life, eat fast, on the run.

To facilitate consumers to takeaway fries and burgers from the restaurant, McDonald’s with DDB Budapest has invented the BagTray. It is a normal paper bag that easily turns into a tray.

McDonald’s Bag Tray (via)

What you have to do is to tear the perforation at the bottom of the bag to separate a tray. And then you can enjoy your meal on a tray, that allows people to avoid food falling apart, coming apart and slipping apart.

You can make takeaway more convenient wherever you are, in a car, in a park, or in the office. Using this tray, consumers feel more comfortable and can place their meal on the surface without getting messy.


This tray is not only convenient, by contrast with conventional plastic trays, but also is very environmentally friendly. The paper bag and tray are both eco-friendly and recyclable and made from reinforced cardboard and can safely hold a large-sized meal.

This tray is currently being trialled in Hungary and if is successful it can be introduced in other countries.

It’s not the first time McDonald’s has anticipated consumers needs and created something useful for them. It continues amazing people with its brilliant solutions.

28 thoughts on “McDonald’s makes takeaway more convenient.

  1. The tray looks so easy to grab and the food to stay warm. I love eating at McDonalds though we seldom go eat there. I loved their fish sandwich and sometimes I take it out especially when I am in hurry.

  2. McDonalds never fail to surprise me when it comes to being innovative. Truly, they have been listening well to their consumers. Good job!

  3. I agree, they’re not really that convenient but the trade off is better if you think about how much it can contribute to recycling. McDonald’s still satisfies the junky in me, no doubt about it. I just keep everything moderate and I’m good.

  4. I love the concept of having a tray, especially when you’re in the car, rushing to a meeting. This definitely makes eating more convenient. Good job, McDonald’s!

  5. That’s great that they have those. I don’t know if they have any of them at ours though. I haven’t seen them. Would be really nice to have them!

  6. I wish McDonald’s in my area had bags like this. I really like the idea of the tray at the bottom. It’s very convienent and being environmentally friendly is also a plus.

  7. This looks awesome!! Sometimes it doesn’t take anything technical or scientific to give a big change to a customers ease of use. This is definitely something like that. I hope they bring this to my local McDonald’s!

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